Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feburary challenge

"Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow."~
Wolfgang von Goethe

February is the month of love. Time for Valentine's Day, chocolates, cards, roses, and romances. But with all the love this month there always seems to be someone forgotten. Ourselves. So much time is spent on buying gifts and trying to get the adoration or just attention from that special someone that no one thinks about how they should feel about themselves. All year long you love your family, adore your crushes or partners, glorify your idols, and envy a multitude of people. But few people focus on themselves.

No matter how fortunate or skillful we humans are at something we always seem to wish to be someone else. Growing up I was told that whatever I admired or envyed in other people I could do as well. I was just noticing that they have more of that quality/talent or put more effort into that thing than I did. This month's challenge is to focus on bettering yourself and finding ways to grow into a better lolita, himegyaru, and/or person.

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konayukiss said...

:) you've got a good goal! i agree with your sayings~ very insightful!

Lady Kristen said...

konayukiss: Thank you very much!

EWR Parking said...

I have to agree. Before someone loves us the way we want to be love, we should love ourselves first.

Lady Kristen said...

EWR Parking: I agree. And thank you for visiting!