Monday, February 14, 2011

Self knowledge

One aspect of personal growth is truly knowing yourself. You cannot improve yourself if you do know where you are at and where you want to go.

We are asked questions about ourselves all day long, especially if we are dressed to the nines. If you are like me you prattle off a simple, overused answer just so you can continue on with whatever task you were doing.

However I think every so often there is a need to sit down and re-evaluate yourself. Reasons for why you do or do not do something might change over time. Everyday you gain new insights and opinions which can strengthen or weaken your interests in a certain subject. Attitudes also change over time. And the passion you first felt for a hobby or an object of interest usually wane over time. Once a year I like to sit down and re-evaluate myself. It is a little early, but when to better evaluate yourself then during the month dedicated to personal growth.

What is your purpose?
1. To enjoy life and live with as much elegance, grace, and style as possible.

2. To be an excellent blogger. To cease procrastination and post multiple times a week.

Do you like where you are and what you have become?
1. I know I could be a better lolita and himegyaru. I need to research and apply myself more. But I am happy with who I am and what I have become so far.

2. I am not disappointed about my blog. I truly enjoy writing articles, but wish that I were more articulate.

Why do you do what you do?
1. Because I am a princess. I am not the heiress of a country or a great estate. Nor do I live in a fairy tale or plan to marry a prince. But to people in this world I am a princess. I am my parent's little princess, and am my fiance's precious. And as I have said before I wear these styles to express my love of girlie and elegant lifestyle I already loved before I knew about these fashions. I have always strived to be graceful, elegant, and well mannered. So I believe the hime lolita fashion perfectly portrays who I am.

2. Because I love to write/type. I would actually love to write a book someday. I love to blog about being a lolita and sharing my thoughts. I also enjoy getting feedback from people.

How do you go from here?
1. From here on I will work harder to become a better lolita/himegyaru I will look at more magazines and try to find out about current trends. I will join and check daily any forums pertaining to the fashions of my interest.

2. From here I will attempt to increase my posting frequency. I will search forums and journals for interesting topics of write about. I will devote more time to thinking of and writing different posts. And I will work hard to continue with the different series I have started and would like to start.

What do you want to accomplish and why?
1. I want to be the best hime lolita/ himegyaru I can be. I want to be elegant and embody the word princess.

2. I want to be an excellent blogger. I want be an inspiration to others -lolita, himegyaru, or blogger alike-.

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Meri and Anni said...

Happy Valentine's day for you too!!

Lady Kristen said...

Meri and Anni: Thank you so much!

Secretcolor said...

I like this post! I like the pic of the iceberg too.

Lady Kristen said...

Secretcolor: I am happy to see that someone liked the post! I thought the picture of the iceberg was neat. The iceberg hides most of itself for the world so I thought it would work well with the post.

Not So Ordinary Princess said...

I enjoyed this thank you! the questions where thought povoking and very good self examination questions...thanks for a great blog

Lady Kristen said...

Not So Ordinary Princess: Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad that you thought the questions were thought provoking. Thank you for commenting.