Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sorry for the lack of a picture. I am writing this via Blogger app on my phone. Would that make this a plog (phone blog) post?

I am so happy to be in my apartment! I got the apartment with a den like I orginially wanted. There is nice landscape around my community which I think will look lovely in spring. I am not too far from the lake which the community is named for and the swimming pool is within walking distance.

I however am NOT happy with Comcast! I put my order for service in on Feb. 4th. Three weeks later I still have no service. But a two hour phone call to this hateful company rewarded me with a confirmation that my service WILL be on by Tuesday at a cheaper price than what I originally signed up for for a whole year.

So I have no internet this weekend besides my phone. And sadly I have the new Gothic & Lolita Bible information only partially translated. Oh well. Everyone have a good weekend!


RiA SPiRAL said...

seems like a lot of people are blogging from their apps! I wish I could as well, so I can blog in real time xD

Lady Kristen said...

RiA SPiRAL: I was bored this morning and just happened upon the app. Blogging in real time would be good for events and conventions. I could blog more often now as soon as I figure it out. This post was a test run.