Thursday, March 31, 2011


In moving to our new apartment I discovered that my fiance had a wonderful collection of literature which I did not own, but have always wanted to read. I have finished with The Complete Book of Sherlock Holmes and have begun to read Grimm's Fairy Tales. Peter Pan will be the next book to read after that. It is amusing that he is just as excited about my book collection as I am with his. He has confiscated my The Picture of Dorian Gray, Bram Stoker's Dracula Clockwork Orange, and Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

How about my lovely readers? Read or learn anything new this month?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virtue: courage

Just like any other hobby lolita/himegyaru fashion seems to bring out the best or the worst in people. I have noticed some of the most charming people turn into either e-fame seeking elitists or humble mentors over the years. With myself honestly falling somewhere between those two. Thinking of subjects like this reminds me of an ex-associate of mine. She was so sweet when I first met her, but than turned vain and spiteful toward the end of our friendship. Now I avoid coming in contact with her as much as possible. You are who you associate with and I do not want to develop a reputation like the one she has.

One of the first virtues that comes to mind when I think of lolita/himegyaru enthusiasts is courage. Most people would not associate fashion with a quality such as courage. However, I think that every one of the ladies and gentlemen that dare to be different because they want to, and not because it is the cool thing to do, is extremely courageous. For every amount of praise I receive from strangers I receive just as many negative comments and snide remarks. There are many lolita that have reported being harassed and even threatened. Not to mention the courage it takes every one of us to deal with the negativity in our own fashion communities.

It takes courage to deviate from the norm and stand up for your interests. To know that you spent hours primping, fluffing, and getting ready only to have people stare at you, make rude comments, or ask why you waste your time/money on such an odd hobby. It takes courage to know that you are wearing something you love and your family, friends, or co-workers might not approve. It takes courage to go to meet-ups and post pictures of yourself. It takes courage to receive and accept constructive and some non-constructive criticism. And it takes courage to ignore any self doubt and express yourself.

All of those factors weighing against us and yet we still have the perseverance to continue to dress up and go enjoy ourselves confirms that lolita/himegyaru are definitely courageous. These fashions may be cute, feminine, and youthful, but they are definitely not for the bashful. The next time you are accused of being a wimp or coward do not believe that for a minute. You are lolita/himegyaru/(insert whatever alternative fashion you like)! Always hold you head up high and be proud that you are different.

image from:The POWerful Word

Monday, March 7, 2011

Skyland Manor


Yesterday my fiance and I set out for a tour of the second venue where I am interested in having my wedding and reception, Skyland Manor. We set out at 10:00am and unfortunately did not arrive at Skyland until 2:00pm! I knew that Skyland was going to be pretty far away, but I did not think it was going to take 4 hours.

The area around Skyland was gorgeous. There was a huge lake that was iced over and the forests I am sure are breath taking when in bloom. I am sure I would have enjoyed the view more if I had not spent 98% of our road trip on the highway. And Skyland Manor was absolutely lovely. The tour was well worth the drive.


I loved Skyland Manor. It really makes me wish I lived in New Jersey. Skyland definitely had what Maryvale was missing. But the 4 hour drives make me lean more towards Maryvale or searching for another venue in Maryland. I do not know if I can ask 90 people to endure that horribly long drive either by car or charter bus.

~ Goregous!

~ 4 hour drive
~ Difficult driving on small roads if it were to snow
~ Probably will have to rent charter buses
~ Long distance planning

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy birthday!

March third was my 26th birthday! I am still not quite sure if that is something to be happy about or not... Anyway, for my birthday Brad took me somewhere I had never been before, The Zoo. It was too cold for some of the animals to be out, but I still was able to see a large selection of animals.

2011-03-03 14.56.16
2011-03-03 13.41.28
2011-03-03 14.12.23

There are a handful more of pictures on my flickr if you care to see more of the animals.

Once home from the zoo Brad started working on making delicious chicken stir fry and I made a cake with strawberry filling.

I am not too happy with the appearance. I bought sweet gum paste to make the hinamatsuri emperor and empress, but it was too hard to even get it out of the package. I tried water, vegetable oil, and low heat. But nothing would soften the hard brick. I saw recipes to make sweet gum paste online so next year I think I will make my own. As a consolation Brad ran to the store and got us a special drink. Because what goes better with a strawberry-filled white hinamatsuri cake than strawberry daiquiri wine coolers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gothic & Lolita Bible

Last Thursday the 39th Gothic & Lolita Bible was released. This issue snuck up on me. The spring issues usually seem to be released between March and the beginning of April so I was not expecting news of a new issue so soon.

Disclaimer: I am in no way fluent in Japanese. I took 3 year of Japanese classes and am continuing to study on my own. I still have a lot of learn so if something is incorrect I am sorry.


・ 19 Gothic style brands
・ ~WELCOME TO GOTHIC CIRCUS~ Spring's new collection catalogue
・ 14 Lolita style brands
・ Spring's new collection ~Ribbon Magic~

・ Special appendix:
     ☆ UsaKuma stickers
     ☆ Life size paper patterns

・ Gothic & Lolita smartly dressed lesson book
         Lesson 1: Preferred type & the art of coordination
         Lesson 2: Brand print sample catalogue
         Lesson 3: 15 most popular brand album catalogue
         Lesson 4: Spring new collection bags & accessory catalogue
         Lesson 5: Shoes & socks catalogue
         Lesson 6: Clothing maintenance techniques
         Lesson 7: Attractive hair style and clothing combinations
         Lesson 8: Advanced hair styling chapter
         Lesson 9: Make-up basics

・ Innocent World presents
・ 「Heidi Girl of Alps」 German mansion chapter
・ Heidi Girl of Alps, Become a classical lolita!

・ Angelic Pretty
・ Spring's all present new line collection catalogue

・ Mitsukazu Mihara's cover girl sketch transformation
・ Maiden's homemade small accessory dream

・ Millefleurs ★ Angel detached collar
・ PUTUMAYO ★ Alice ribbon headdress
・ MAM MAXICIMAM ★ Black angel detached collar
・ CHOCOCHIP COOKIE ★ Bear ribbon comb
・ Dangerous nude ★ Queen's crown headdress
・ kikirara SHOUTEN ★ Princess ribbon fastening cape
・ MA MAXICIMAM ★ Punk lolita gauze armband
・ Angelic Pretty ★ Pirate ribbon headdress, crown eyepatch

・ Special fantasy comic report
・ Travel through previous life experience ~Love Moon princess ~Takarano Arika~

・ Time Travel to the Strange World (x2)

・ ALI PROJECT      Takarano Arika
・ New series      Gothic fairy tale start!

・ Gothic & Lolita mail order note cost

image from: KERA Information

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March challenge

Comcast has decided to grace me with service just in time for the monthly quote. I hope that I will never have to sign-up with this service again! The gentleman that installed my service was pleasant though and understood my unhappiness toward the company that he was working for.

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."
--Albert Einstein

The weather in March is always unperdictable. Between slightly warm days, horribly windy days, and cold rainy days, March is one of the months that I spend the most time indoors, besides the coldest days in winter. But 31 days of same surrounds does tend to give me cabin fever. So I like to bide the time by learning new things, reading, or if I dare to venturing outdoors I like to see new places.

I will try to make March a month of exploration, experimentation, and learning. Some ideas to make this a month of intellectual growth are to read new literature, learn a new skill, take a class, visit a new place you have never been to, or go to a museum or play.

image from:manIA