Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gothic & Lolita Bible

Last Thursday the 39th Gothic & Lolita Bible was released. This issue snuck up on me. The spring issues usually seem to be released between March and the beginning of April so I was not expecting news of a new issue so soon.

Disclaimer: I am in no way fluent in Japanese. I took 3 year of Japanese classes and am continuing to study on my own. I still have a lot of learn so if something is incorrect I am sorry.


・ 19 Gothic style brands
・ ~WELCOME TO GOTHIC CIRCUS~ Spring's new collection catalogue
・ 14 Lolita style brands
・ Spring's new collection ~Ribbon Magic~

・ Special appendix:
     ☆ UsaKuma stickers
     ☆ Life size paper patterns

・ Gothic & Lolita smartly dressed lesson book
         Lesson 1: Preferred type & the art of coordination
         Lesson 2: Brand print sample catalogue
         Lesson 3: 15 most popular brand album catalogue
         Lesson 4: Spring new collection bags & accessory catalogue
         Lesson 5: Shoes & socks catalogue
         Lesson 6: Clothing maintenance techniques
         Lesson 7: Attractive hair style and clothing combinations
         Lesson 8: Advanced hair styling chapter
         Lesson 9: Make-up basics

・ Innocent World presents
・ 「Heidi Girl of Alps」 German mansion chapter
・ Heidi Girl of Alps, Become a classical lolita!

・ Angelic Pretty
・ Spring's all present new line collection catalogue

・ Mitsukazu Mihara's cover girl sketch transformation
・ Maiden's homemade small accessory dream

・ Millefleurs ★ Angel detached collar
・ PUTUMAYO ★ Alice ribbon headdress
・ MAM MAXICIMAM ★ Black angel detached collar
・ CHOCOCHIP COOKIE ★ Bear ribbon comb
・ Dangerous nude ★ Queen's crown headdress
・ kikirara SHOUTEN ★ Princess ribbon fastening cape
・ MA MAXICIMAM ★ Punk lolita gauze armband
・ Angelic Pretty ★ Pirate ribbon headdress, crown eyepatch

・ Special fantasy comic report
・ Travel through previous life experience ~Love Moon princess ~Takarano Arika~

・ Time Travel to the Strange World (x2)

・ ALI PROJECT      Takarano Arika
・ New series      Gothic fairy tale start!

・ Gothic & Lolita mail order note cost

image from: KERA Information


Kara said...

This issue sounds awesome! I like the cover picture as well. What sort of paper patterns are in the GLB this time?

Lady Kristen said...

Kara: I do not know what the patternsare like. My copy of this issue has not been delivered yet.

Meri and Anni said...

Wow, cool pictures!

And that cake looks sooooo delicious *w*

Lady Kristen said...

Meri and Anni: Thank you! I am glad you thought my cake looked good.