Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy birthday!

March third was my 26th birthday! I am still not quite sure if that is something to be happy about or not... Anyway, for my birthday Brad took me somewhere I had never been before, The Zoo. It was too cold for some of the animals to be out, but I still was able to see a large selection of animals.

2011-03-03 14.56.16
2011-03-03 13.41.28
2011-03-03 14.12.23

There are a handful more of pictures on my flickr if you care to see more of the animals.

Once home from the zoo Brad started working on making delicious chicken stir fry and I made a cake with strawberry filling.

I am not too happy with the appearance. I bought sweet gum paste to make the hinamatsuri emperor and empress, but it was too hard to even get it out of the package. I tried water, vegetable oil, and low heat. But nothing would soften the hard brick. I saw recipes to make sweet gum paste online so next year I think I will make my own. As a consolation Brad ran to the store and got us a special drink. Because what goes better with a strawberry-filled white hinamatsuri cake than strawberry daiquiri wine coolers


Hiyoko said...

Happy Birthday!!! I <3 the otter.

Lady Kristen said...

Hiyoko: Thank you! The otters were terribly adorable! Brad and I could have stayed all day at the otter enclosure. The one otter had to have done 20+ backflips while we were there.

Winsome said...

Happy Birthday! <3

26 is a good age! Don't even worry about it for another 10 years. ^^

Lady Kristen said...

Winsome: Thank you! I will have to remember that 27-35 are not so detrimental. That is as long as people still think I am younger than I actually am.

RiA SPiRAL said...

happy birthday!
the cake looks really pretty but that's prolly cos I love strawberries hehe xD

Lady Kristen said...

RiA SPiRAL: Thank you! I'm glad you thought my cake looked good. It definitely tasted very good. Although I wish I could have decorated it more.

diamond engagement rings said...

Oh, I am late to wish you, but happy belated birthday dear. And as you are 26 now, so you are more mature and more beautiful then last years. So I want to wish all the happiness and prosperity to you in your life.

answering services said...

Happy belated birthday dear. So you have celebrated your 26th birthday, and so do I. That is just a perfect feeling to think that you are now a mature and independent lady, and now you can understand your self better then yesterday. Happy birthday again

Miss Lumpy said...

Oh, this cake looks so cute! And I love Seagram's X3 Hapy (now belated) birthday! ♥

Lady Kristen said...

diamond engagement rings: Thank you so much for your well wishes!

answering services: Happy 26th birthday to you too! Thank you. I am still learning about myself everyday.

Miss Lumpy: Thank you! If the sweet gum had not been completely dry the cake would have been cuter. Seagram's was prefect with the cake.