Thursday, March 31, 2011


In moving to our new apartment I discovered that my fiance had a wonderful collection of literature which I did not own, but have always wanted to read. I have finished with The Complete Book of Sherlock Holmes and have begun to read Grimm's Fairy Tales. Peter Pan will be the next book to read after that. It is amusing that he is just as excited about my book collection as I am with his. He has confiscated my The Picture of Dorian Gray, Bram Stoker's Dracula Clockwork Orange, and Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

How about my lovely readers? Read or learn anything new this month?


Hiyoko said...

I love Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass!!! I have an old copy from the 1920s...I keep it tucked away because it's disintetgrating. I know I said I would never read it after the last time but...I love that book so much. I'll have to read it with latex gloves and tweezers I guess lol. I've never read Grimm's Fairy Tales, but your post has compelled me to do so, as soon as I get time off of school >.<

Lady Kristen said...

Hiyoko: I'm glad I could inspire you. I really liked Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass. You could always take your book to be restored or buy another copy.

I have only read The Princess and The Frog so far. The story is of course different for what I heard growing up. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

Winsome said...

I really haven't been reading as much as I should lately, but this month I intend to re-read Crime and Punishment and read three new books: a young adult adventure/romance, a classic novel, and an English textbook.

Hiyoko said...

The Princess and The Frog seems like it would be a good one, especially the original. I just found a book from my childhood that contains a slightly paganistic version of the story. It's called East of The Sun & West of The Moon. It was always my favorite because it has beautiful ink and watercolour illustrations. It also has a giant salamander, and you can't go wrong with that.

I probably will have to get my copy of Alice in Wonderland restored. I would like it to outlast me lol. I remember seeing a massive Alice in Wonderland book once. It contained Caroll's other children's stories with explanatory notes. I really wanted it and have regretted not buying it ever since. I'm interested in seeing what else he has written. People say it's mostly garbage, but I'd like to find that out for myself ^-^

Lady Kristen said...

Winsome: It is good to see another reading lolita. I hope that you can finish all your readings.

Hiyoko: I really like reading the originals of popular fairy tales. East of The Sun & West of The Moon sounds like a very pretty book.

You should go buy that book if you really want. I rarely listen to other people's reviews of books and movies. My opinion of what is good is different from others.