Monday, March 7, 2011

Skyland Manor


Yesterday my fiance and I set out for a tour of the second venue where I am interested in having my wedding and reception, Skyland Manor. We set out at 10:00am and unfortunately did not arrive at Skyland until 2:00pm! I knew that Skyland was going to be pretty far away, but I did not think it was going to take 4 hours.

The area around Skyland was gorgeous. There was a huge lake that was iced over and the forests I am sure are breath taking when in bloom. I am sure I would have enjoyed the view more if I had not spent 98% of our road trip on the highway. And Skyland Manor was absolutely lovely. The tour was well worth the drive.


I loved Skyland Manor. It really makes me wish I lived in New Jersey. Skyland definitely had what Maryvale was missing. But the 4 hour drives make me lean more towards Maryvale or searching for another venue in Maryland. I do not know if I can ask 90 people to endure that horribly long drive either by car or charter bus.

~ Goregous!

~ 4 hour drive
~ Difficult driving on small roads if it were to snow
~ Probably will have to rent charter buses
~ Long distance planning


Hiyoko said...

Wow, I just had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. I agree four hours is long, but when I think about it I know hundreds of people (including me) who take the three-four hour drive to the GTA for concerts, weddings, and other family events. It's not too ridiculous of a journey, but you do have to factor in the budget which is important. It could be asking them to go to Hawaii. I'm sure whatever you choose will work out for the best in the end ^-^

Lady Kristen said...

Hiyoko: I feel in love with Skyland at first click. This place fits into the budget, but thus far my guests are not too please to hear about the commute time. Lol True, they would probably commute if I wanted them to. Although I think I would go to Ireland or France if I were to choose a place for a destination wedding.

hotels buckinghamshire said...

Amazing, that is just more then perfect, I always dream to have such a nice palace. Is it the resort? or someone's house? Such a nice sharing

Lady Kristen said...

hotels buckinghamshire: Skyland Manor was originally someone's house. Then it was donated to the state of New Jersey. The top two floors are rentable hotel rooms.