Monday, April 25, 2011

American Princess

Yesterday I am sitting at home, enjoying my day off. After building, unpacking, and arranging items in my house for over a month I did not what to look at another box yesterday. So I sat most of the day crocheting my lovely blue blanket and watching mindless reality television.

After about three hours of watching television I noticed multiple casting call commericals which made me remember that I at one time wanted to be on a reality contest show too. Nothing like Jersey Shore, Survivor, American's Next Top Model, or The Amazing Race. I wanted to apply to the show American Princess. This series ran on WE for sadly only two seasons in 2005 and then again in 2007. I only was able to watch season 2. In American Princess 12 woman were nominated to appear on the show. They were groomed and sent home one by one each week through different challenges and punishments just like any other reality. The difference was the challenges were things a princess should be able to do or know plus one or two physical challenges. And the punishments were things such as learning to write a formal letter or act a hostess of a party. Later in the show when the girls were out on the town they were chaperoned by beaus. And the prize at the end of the season was to be crowned princess of some small region at a lovely coronation ball.

I found out about the series during a rerun marathon in 2007. Sadly I have not seen it on television since and there does not seem to be a DVD set anywhere either. Since the show favored odd years, I really hoped in 2009 that there were be another season and I could apply, but there never was.

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Hiyoko said...

I too have been watching a lot of reality tv, but I don't have cable so I've been watching it online for the last week. It's a baaad habit, but I watch the less mind numbing shows like Project Runway. It helps to get my creative juices flowing. I couldn't stand to watch the crap they show on MTV, there's enough obnoxious and useless people in the world already, why do we need shows about them too?? This Princess thing sounds pretty interesting. At first I thought you were posting about Toddlers & Tiaras (or whatever the show is called) it's kind of funny to watch now and again. I tried looking for online streaming of American Princess but the most I could find is some god-awful made for TV movie XP. If all else fails I guess you could try a torrent? Seasons that short lived rarely make it to DVD. You never know though. I thought for years that Downtown would never be made available on DVD but then randomly it showed up; so I guess if you hold out long enough, maybe in seven years or so, you'll finally have it!

Lady Kristen said...

Hiyoko: I do not watch much television. I would rather read. I really only watch reality shows when I am feeling completely drained. I have heard some of my coworkers talk about Toddlers & Tiaras. From what I understand of that show I would not waste my time watching that.

I never thought of looking for a torrent. I will have to see if there are any tomorrow. Thank you! I hope I will not have to wait that old for a DVD set.

Secretcolor said...

I found two episodes of season 2 on youtube... I wish that it was still on! I watched the episodes and they were pretty cool!

Hope Stites said...

hi you didnt hear this from me, but American princess is looking for people to sign up and be princesses now!!! they are starting a new season and u can em@il me if u want the link @