Saturday, April 9, 2011

STILL moving

The saying "You never know how much stuff you have until you move" is completely true! I cannot believe we are still moving stuff into the apartment and still have not put everything away. There are boxes in every room and still more in Brad's old room. When we move again I am definitely hiring a moving company. Then I will have everything in my house in one day.

My unpacking process from today:

My local goodwill must love me. I cannot remember how many bags of clothes, unwanted books, and other stuff I have donated or far.


moonchaii said...

Oh gosh, I know what you mean! While I've never really packed up my stuff the multitudes of times we've moved, when unpacking...I swear, I always get rid of a box or two of unwanted things...or things I didn't realize I had!

Good luck with the packing and unpacking!

Lady Kristen said...

moonchaii: Thank you! I agree with you whenever I have unpacked in the past I always find items I have long forgotten.

Packing, transporting, and then unpacking this time has really awakened me to how much stuff I own.