Sunday, May 1, 2011

May challenge

"No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change."
--Barbara de Angelis

So many people these days are unhappy. They loath their jobs, detest their body image, dislike their friends, and hate their material objects. People spend most of their energy on being negative but refuse to use any of their time to try to change what they are unhappy about.

The beginning of spring is supposed to be a happy and cheerful time. So this month I will focus on changing that which I am unhappy with and that I have the ability to change. This ties in with the personal development plan, PDP, I created. Some of the areas I am unhappy with are my weight, hair, and nails. Ever since I made that PDP I have been working toward achieving my short term goals. I have only managed to accomplish a few of the goals I set, but I am very happy. My nails are flaking less often and are longer, I have lost 15lbs, and cleared out numerous old pieces of clothing from my wardrobe. I also was very brave and had my hair cut two weeks ago. I have had many bad experiences with my hair so I rarely allow people to do anything to it. But my ends look healthier and my hair has grown most of the 3 inches back! ❤

I hope this spring will bring you happiness. And if it does not I hope you can change whatever it is that impedes on your happiness.

image from: Psychology Today


Anonymous said...

...Wait, your hair grows how much in two weeks? Almost 3 inches? D:
Did I misunderstand something here, and if not, how do you make your hair grow that fast?

Lady Kristen said...

I said it has grown most of the 3 inches back. But my hair has always grown really fast. I also have been using an olive oil hair conditioner for about a year now. It makes my hair feel softer and seems to help it grow fast.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just few days ago I also wrote a list with things I want to change in my life! I also think that now is a good time to start with changes, maybe also because I really hate winter and I'm happy that it gets warmer now!

Lady Kristen said...

sweetmaniac: I love winter but I would rather drink tea or chocolate and play in the snow than focus on making things better. I usually end up making goals and changing things as spring occurs. Almost like a personal spring cleaning.

Madrepérola said...

Spring is a wonderfull season and it probably will make you feel happier! (In my country is autum!) There's nothing and no one which or who can make you happy, just you can make yourself happy!! You can change things that you dislike, but spend more energy being happy and grateful for good things you had achived and you like!

Lady Kristen said...

Madrepérola: Autumn is a wonderful season. I love the leaf color changes and the cooler temperatures. I agree completely with you.

Winsome said...

Best. Post. Ever.