Saturday, May 21, 2011


It is typical that the month I set aside for change and to inspire happiness as been one of the most unhappiest months for me. With a chaotic work schedule, illness in my family, and the recent issue with my paypal being hacked I have had little time and desire for personal change.

This month has definitely been a lesson in changing what I can and accepting what I cannot. I am happy with what little self change I was able to accomplish. Plus I did managed to finish a few more items from my 101 in 1001 days list! And I hope to finish the other items in the future.

I did receive a few e-mails wondering if I was going to stop Princessly Living and leave lolita/himegyaru. No way. I enjoy my blog and fashion too much. A true vegan would not stop because of sadness. Olympic athletes do not quit because life decides to play dirty. And I most certainly will never stop being me because of a few bumps in the road.

image from: Misanthropy Today


Secretcolor said...

Good for you! Getting over things that have happened is good. And what you said is so true!

Cherrypop said...

i know how you feel. this past week i shed some tears but what keeps me upbeat is the brighter future.

Lady Kristen said...

Secretcolor: Thank you!

Cherrypop: Good for you. No matter what hardship might arise always learn from them and continue forward. And I hope next week will be better for you!

Piper said...

Hang in there!

And I totally understand how life likes to pull the pink heart-shaped shag rug out from under you sometimes.

I just moved a week ago, so that meant no crafting and no blogging until my room stopped looking like a box-splosion. And as soon as thing are somewhat in order and I feel like blogging? My hard drive dies, then my keyboard, and when i unpack my netbook and try to work from there, I realize I've lost my camera in the move!


Oh well, my solution to everything right now is to unpack another box.

But we'll both get through it, right? TT3TT

Lady Kristen said...

Piper: I understand how you feel with the move. We are still trying to collect all of my fiance's stuff from his old room. I feel like we are never going to be fully unpacked. We just have to stay strong. There will eventually be an end to the boxes.

I hope you find everything soon and get make to your normal routine.

Mariko♥ said...

That's Great! I am totally going through the same thing you are. Well not the same issues, but the setting time aside to bring back happiness in your life. I've dedicated this entire summer for that, since I Have a lot of things I need to work through myself, and it's great to know that I'm never alone and other people are always going through the same things. But everything happens, and everything works out, but only if you truly want it to :3
Good Luck!
-Mariko ♥

Lady Kristen said...

Mariko♥: Thank you. It is always good to have understanding friends and people around you. I hope that your summer of happiness goes excellently! Good luck to you as well.