Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just me, myself, and I

Today's post has nothing to do with lolita or himegyaru fashion. It is a rant about the attitude of two normals I had have to recently deal with. You have been fairly warned.

This month I have had the pleasure of being introduced and working with two new coworkers. While I can happily ignore most of my coworker's inappropriate or uninteresting conversations, these two new women are intent on including me in everything. Then when I do not give an answer they like, they always respond with "That's because you're mixed." And usually I go back to ignoring them. However, I must have heard that statement at least fourteen times between Thursday and Friday alone. Then when I finally told them if they did not like my views to just exclude me, they felt offended. Ha!

Just the statement "That's because you're mixed" is offensive. They could have said that I would not understand because I'm from another state, because I did not grow up in a big city, or because I am younger than them. No, it has to be a racial issue. These woman would explode if I were to ask them about the Arthurian Legend and when they could not answer me to say "That's because you're black" or "That's because you're dark skinned." I would be murdered for uttering anything close to that.

I feel if you do not like my opinions after the first couple of times, why would you bother to continue including me in your conversation? I never asked to be included and I never stated that I felt left out. Continue on with whatever it is you are doing and just let me complete my work for the day. They can be in a huff toward me from on, but I do not care.

My taste in music or nonexistent interest in celebrates has nothing to do with my racial background. If anything I think being from a biracial family would give someone a broad or unbiased opinion of most things. I think that my interests are very broad. I would rather read than watch reality television. And I would rather study languages than get drunk. I would rather save or spend my money on a wonderfully cute wardrobe than on weaves and fake nails. There are mixed people that have no interest in the things that I do and there are African American people that would prefer do the things that I do. So race has nothing to do with what does and does not interest someone.

I am so overjoyed that I do not have to work with them this week. Besides the racial divide they have wedged between us I need a break for the word 'swoop'. I dislike when people take one word and say it all the time. "Let me eat before I have to swoop." "That's swoop." "Gonna swoop with my boy tonight." And those are just the tip of the iceberg! I can understand stuff like this from someone in their teens and early 20s, but these two women are in the early 40s! Hopefully they will not continue to work in our laboratory for very long.


I feel better now. Sorry.

image from: Biraciality


Fiammetta Rey said...

Oh my goodness... that sounds horrible. I've dealt with similar things (also mixed race), but not since middle school/early high school. For 40-somethings to do things like that? Wow...

People can be annoying, especially with race issues... I hope things improve :<

(I've been reading your blog for a while, I don't think I've commented before. You have a great site here.)

Lady Kristen said...

Fiammetta Rey: Thank you very much. I was ignored yesterday so hopefully my talk with them will end any future possible issues. And thank you for reading my blog! ❤

Malissa said...

I pray that those two women get a clue to leave you alone to enjoy your life. Nice people shouldn't be harassed by so-called well-to-do interlopers. (A mini rant to your rant.)
And no apologies needed, everyone needs to vent at some point. :)

Lunette said...

One of my friends is occasionally treated similarly because he is semi-openly gay. I can't stand to watch him go through it.

But, unlike him, you are acknowledging and addressing the situation. Good luck, I send my sincerest prayers that they find how rude they are.

Lady Kristen said...

<>Malissa: Thank you. The situations has gotten slightly better. Now they think of me as a snob, but they leave me out of most of their conversations.

<>Lunette: Thank you. I hope your friend is able to find a way to deal with his situation. Encourage him to stand up for himself a little. If he does not put his foot down nothing will get better.