These boots were made for walking...

I think this has been the best month I have had so far this year. Although I have still been busy at work, it is no where near as bad as last month. And my plans for relaxation have been going smoothly.

Between this week and last I have been focusing on one of my favorite relaxation past times, shopping. Ever since seeing this picture of Sakurina I have wanted a pair of white cowboy boots.
My local stores did not carry cowboy boots and I could not find a pair online for $200 or less. While out one day I happened to walk by a cute little pre-owned shop and right in the window were a pair of boots! And luckily they were in my size ❤.

I also found these really cute pumps at Burlington coat factory last week. I was sad that the only colors they had were black and cream. I would have loved a white pair of these as well.

I would be in shoe heaven if I could find boots similar to these Liz Lisa ankle boots.

A lot of good things have been happening this month. I have lost a little more weight, been asked to do a few guest blog posts, and I have been accepted into the Maryland gyaru circle! Thank you August. I really needed you.

Dear Hair Cuttery,

Hello my name is Kristen. I just visited your new shop in Hunt Valley today. While your service was wonderful and my hairstyle looked nice while the stylist was working on it. I am not pleased with the final product.

Your stylist refused to tease my hair or use hairspray as I had requested. So after leaving the store for 5 minutes my hair was completely flat! I have never been to a salon in which the stylist refused to listen to her client. For $60 I could have washed my own hair. If it wasn't for the appointment I have to attend downtown at 3pm, I would certainly be back in your store right now making you restyle my hair for free! Also your stylist originally said the price would be $40, but when she was ringing me up the price changed to $60. Granted my hair is long, but it is not elbow length!

Although I was given a customer card and the stylists card I will not be using them in the future. Do not ever look for future business from me. And I will make sure to tell my friends and readers not to visit your salons.

Your unstatisfed ex-customer,

I have only ever been to one salon that I loved. Sadly my stylisted retired and the salon later closed. If there is anyone in Maryland that knows of an excellent stylist please tell me!


After working two weeks straight I planned my first weekend off to be all about relaxation and recuperation. My first agenda for relaxation was a lazy movie weekend. What better way to unwind than comfy pajamas, fuzzy slippers, a hot cup of tea, and my favorite and dramas movies?

I am also slowly working on a sewing a new skirt. I have finished a few more lessons on my Japanese Rosetta Stone. And then next weekend I will be joining my local lolita community for a topiary garden meet-up.

The selection:

Princess Bride
Sherlock Holmes
10th Kingdom
Pretty in Pink
A Knight's Tale
King Arthur
The Breakfast Club

Yukan Club
Princess Lulu
Hana Yori Dango
Fated to Love You

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and a stress free August!

Also Rest in Peace Isshi. With not being online most of July, I just found out about this.

image from: EcoExpress

August challenge

"Life is too important to be taken seriously"
--Oscar Wilde

I am so happy that July and August 1st are finally over!

Last month I was so busy to the point of depriving myself of a life. Between my normal work schedule, training the new processors, all the time I had to filled in because of people calling out or being terminated, and being on call, most of my relaxation time was spent sleeping. I was starting to feel mildly depressed. And the situation with my two new coworkers was not helping my mood either. I was even unhappy the few times I was free to be out with friends. Sorry to all the people I temporarily stopped talking to. I did not want to hear about your movie nights, meet-ups, and preparations for Otakon, which I had to work through, while I was at work.

But not this month! For the month of August I am going to relax, have fun, and enjoy myself again. I have only agreed with work extra hours on three occasions. One of which was yesterday. So I will finally be going back to crafting, watching Asian dramas, and of course blogging ❤. Life is too short for me to be unhappy and to spend the majority of my waking hours working or commuting to/from work. Working is important, but being happy is even more important. Make sure you are enjoying yourself this month too!

image from: Tùy bút của Yoshiro