Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Hair Cuttery,

Hello my name is Kristen. I just visited your new shop in Hunt Valley today. While your service was wonderful and my hairstyle looked nice while the stylist was working on it. I am not pleased with the final product.

Your stylist refused to tease my hair or use hairspray as I had requested. So after leaving the store for 5 minutes my hair was completely flat! I have never been to a salon in which the stylist refused to listen to her client. For $60 I could have washed my own hair. If it wasn't for the appointment I have to attend downtown at 3pm, I would certainly be back in your store right now making you restyle my hair for free! Also your stylist originally said the price would be $40, but when she was ringing me up the price changed to $60. Granted my hair is long, but it is not elbow length!

Although I was given a customer card and the stylists card I will not be using them in the future. Do not ever look for future business from me. And I will make sure to tell my friends and readers not to visit your salons.

Your unstatisfed ex-customer,

I have only ever been to one salon that I loved. Sadly my stylisted retired and the salon later closed. If there is anyone in Maryland that knows of an excellent stylist please tell me!


Lavenrose said...

:/ That sucks. If there is one sure way to ruin your business rep, it's definitely bad customer service. Though what I don't get is how exactly hard is it to tease and hairspray? I mean it's not like it's an extremely difficult and tedious thing to do. xD

Hope you find a better one soon!

Super Bloomers said...

I understand your suffering completely! I struggled for a long time to find someone who was good at hair and didn't completely ruin me. I recently found a hair stylist I adore and for $18 too! Unfortunately, I don't live in Maryland to give you her name. I wish you luck in your hair stylist search!

Lady Kristen said...

Lavenrose: Thank you. It would not have been tedious at all. I was not asking for a massive beehive with half a can of hairspray. I was going to a gyaru meet and greet so I wanted some volume. But it does not matter because it rained,not long after my post and my hair went back to it's natural unruly state.

Super Bloomers: Thank you even though you're not in Maryland. I think the last time I had a haircut that only cost $18 I was a young child. You are lucky to find such a good and cheap stylist.

indigo_tide said...

I go to Hey Red! in Laurel, MD. I'm always getting compliments on my funky and fun hair. I see Michelle, but Meri is good too. It's a small little place and I find the prices to be very reasonable.

Lady Kristen said...

indigo_tide: You're lucky to have a salon that you are happy with. But sadly Laurel is about an hour away from me. That's too long of a drive away every time I want to get my hair done.