Sunday, September 18, 2011

An act in composure

This post was inspired by bad days and seeing grown women act like children when they do not get their way.

When some people hear the word princess they automatically think of stuck up girls that always have to get their way. At the slightest bit of resistance or inability to get what they want they throw a tantrum or cry. But when I think of a princess I think of someone that when something does not go as planned can act with grace and poise. While I still have a lot to learn to be considered poised, I think I am capable of acting with some composure.

Those that follow my twitter know that the end of this week was hard for me. I found out my bank account had been used to make a fraudulent purchase. Friday I had horrible commute situation that ended in me having to walk 2.3 miles to work. I missed a call from a college I am looking to apply to by 7 minutes. When I called them back, I was told that the next time I could schedule an appointment call was next Thursday.

During those times I vented some frustrations out on twitter. After my venting I continued on with my day. I did not let those issues ruin my day or shut down. Nor did I rage my way through the day. A princess would never take her frustration out on others. She might complain at the moment, she is of course only human, but then she would soldier on with her day. A princess would not brood over events that she cannot control. Dear ladies, I hope you too are trying to be well behaved even on your worst of days.

♫  ~   Que Sera Sera  ~   ♪

image from: Zen


[frilly-teacup] said...

Great post! I find myself thinking thoughts similar to these more often than naught. I definitely agree with you in regards to composure. Your effort is admirable, keep it up! ^-^~

Lavenrose said...

I love your posts. I feel that they really do bring a message that I do not find commonly around and it really brings the whole thing back into perspective.

In my opinion, I can quite understand how some people got to that conclusion about princesses being "spoiled brats". Just like others, princesses unfortunately haven't escaped the stereotype label.

What I find interesting about it is that the princesses that I commonly find in media, such as the disney princesses, are usually portrayed as elegant and graceful, just like you said on your post. Just something to think about.

Lady Kristen said...

[frilly-teacup]: Thank you very much.

Lavenrose: Thank you. I wanted my blog to be a little different than other lolita blogs. I'm glad you like what I have created.

It is interesting that characters and real life people that are princesses are usually nice, polite, and poised. But people that label themselves as a princess are far from those characteristics. That was one of the reason I called myself Lady Kristen. I did not want others to associate me with that bad stereotype.