Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration board

I finally sat down a made a preliminary wedding inspiration board. I had to change my theme since Oppa and I are unable to get married in December due to his job having holiday time blockout from November until January. Luckily I had not purchases too many snowflake/winter themed items and what I had purchased I was able to return.

So now our theme is Rococo-esque royalty. I suppose you could say the theme is inspired by Marie Antoinette. Hopefully I will be able to keep my head, at least until after the honeymoon. So everything except my ring has changed, even the venue. While I thought Maryvale was beauitful I felt it was too dark inside for a Rococo themed wedding. So we have chosen the romantic, 19th century Ceresville Mansion. Almost everything has been found again and I can start to focus on other things.

inspiration boardSword: Cold Steel
Crown: Tiara Garden
Ballroom: Ceresville Mansion
Shield Cookies: 6 Persimmon Inc.
Champagne Tower: flickr
Ring: Zales
Mask: Chantal Mallett
Origami rose: Mine
The rest of the pictures are from the knot


Fiammetta Rey said...

That's so cool~!! Congratulations on being engaged, by the way ^_^

It all looks very pretty~

Kieli_Heart said...

Congrats on your engagement! Your idea sounds so awesome! I hope you will be able to make your dream wedding come true soon! Will we get to see pictures? X3

~ Kieli ~

Lady Kristen said...

Fiammetta Rey: Thank you! ❤ I hope everything looks as beautiful on the day too.

Kieli_Heart: Thank you! There will definitely be pictures. The wedding won't be until 2013 though. 2012 was completely booked for that venue and family vacations have already been planned.

Lavenrose said...

Congratulations on being engaged! ^^ I bet your wedding will look splendid! Though I completely agree with Kieli_Heart. Do post some pictures. :) I really want to see you on your dream wedding day!

Lady Kristen said...

Lavenrose: Thank you! ❤ I hope everything will look as beautiful as I hope as well. I will definitely post pictures.