Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vice: covetousness

The first vice that comes to mind when I think of lolita fashion, especially lifestylers, is covetousness. The need to have a closet (or two) full of jumperskirts, skirts, blouses, coats, shoes, accessories, etc. The greed to have the newest and most popular prints. And the need to have shoes, dresses, or hair accessories in every color. And almost everyone has a wishlist and/or a dream dress.

Very few lolita are free of this vice. I too suffer from it. I had to own BABY's sugar bouquet jumperskirt in black, an Innocent world caplet, and Meta's first school bag. I own one set of Angelic Pretty's ribbon mittens and one of BABY's bunny earmuffs and want to buy more in different colors. I own a multiple array of color stockings. I am seeking a new favorite shoe style to purchase in multiple colors. And I know if I were not so tall or large I would also own several more brand jumperskirts.

The lolita covetousness is amplified by the fact that brands only produce a limited supply of products. The want to own a item before it is sold out or it becomes the next most coveted print is immense. Then like a gateway drug covetousness leads to elitism and idol worship. The girls with the most brand or highly sought after articles become notorious, while the lolitas that painstakingly handmake their clothes or buy from lesser known shops get over looked. And the ladies that buy replica items are made to feel inferior. While I admire those lolita with the rare and expensive clothes, I feel the other ladies deserve credit too. Being a lolita should not be about how much you have spent on a single piece of clothing. It should be about the asethetics of a well coordinated ensemble, the grace of the style, and the happiness the fashion brings the wearer.

This vice is the cause of many nasty lolita secrets and stereotyping. With so much negativity from the outside world there is no reason that a lolita should fear being picked on from another lolita. As a community we should be banding together, but there are instances of broken friendships because of dream dresses and split communities from girls seeking the approval of one member with numerous brand items. I believe that the style and coordination should make a lolita, not the label tag.

image from: We Women Today


Miuko said...

I totally agree with you! But I have to admit that I love brand because their pieces are very beautiful with their many details, special laces, prints etc. and I rarely see selfmade/offbrand clothing with the same beauty. BUT I also can buy just 1-2 brand dresses per year with few matching accessoires, and if you are in my situation, you have to realise that you just can't buy many expensive clothes and that you need a long time until you have a big closet with all your dream items. I think many people think "It's so unfair they can buy xxx dresses per year and I can't ;___;" but they don't realise that they are still happy when they wear their only brand dress, and THIS is the important fact about the fashion, isn't it? So some of the people with many dresses also forgot that happiness is most important, not the size of the gaderobe (which is in my eyes even more important for those people then brand tags O_O).

Kieli_Heart said...

I have yet to actually consider myself Loli as I don't have actual outfits but when I do plan to get dresses and such I don't plan to spend every dollar I have. I also will myself to not spend so much, especially since it seems a bit ridiculous to spend so much on just one dress or skirt. I agree with you, being Loli is not about how many expensive pieces you have, it's about how you live and coordinate things. How you appreciate beauty and what you consider to be beautiful =3

~ Kieli ~

Lavenrose said...

Well said! It seems to me that no matter what fashion style you go into, brand will always be number 1. I may not be a lolita, but I do quite understand the power that brand holds over people, what with the perceptions of prestige, luxury, and being popular and accepted. I am of course not an exception, since I admit to having a fair amount of dreams and goals dedicated to attaining JD items but so far just only having a bag from the brand. I don't do it just strictly for the items being JD. I do it because I truly love the designs.

I completely agree with you when giving credit to girls who made their clothes as well as the girls who bought replicas. Not everyone has the money to spend on dresses that are almost half a thousand, let alone additional items such as hair bows, accessories, etc. I mean there's nothing wrong with saving money right? I do admire girls that wear brand, but I also admire girls that made their clothes. They usually had to make their clothes from scratch, which presumably and understandably takes a lot of dedication and effort! Lolita shouldn't be made of just a price tag, but also of creativity and thoughtfulness.

I do truly wish to say that we can all get alone, but sadly the world doesn't work that way, even for a quasi-fantasy fashion world. I truly don't see why however. I mean, aren't we all in the end a small group of fantastical dressed people facing an overgrowing sea of grey blobs? Why feel the need to make that small group any smaller?

Sorry for the long comment. ^^; I never had typed up a comment this long before and it took a bit of time to type up. I think that's what I like about your posts. They make me think.

Lady Kristen said...

Miuko: I feel that the happiness that clothes brand, offbrand, selfmade, or replicas bring to the wearer should be on a top priority. And I do not think owning or aspiring a own brand pieces is a bad. Just the greed that can arise from owning or the want to own brand, the idol worship that occurs when one has numerous brand items, and the name calling/stereotyping that occurs when one has or does not have brand is atrocious.

Kieli_Heart: The prices can be ridiculous, but brand items are alluring. The different prints, specialty laces, and cute accessories. I hope through your journey to becoming a lolita you are able keep the values your treasure now and not fall victim to brand worshiping. ❤

Lavrenrose: I am glad that my entries are entertaining and thought provoking. ❤ I agree with the points you have made as well. At the moment I know about about the covetousness in the lolita community than in the himegyaru community. Which I am trying to rectify. Thank you for commenting. ❤