Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Challenge

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
--Maria Robinson

Happy New Year's everyone! How was your 2011? Happy to see it end? Or maybe you were wishing it would last a little longer? Anyway I hope 2012 will be a wonderful year for all of us.

I hope everyone was able to complete their resolutions from last New Year's. But if you were unable to achieve your goals do not be discouraged. There is no use dwelling on things from the past. No one can go back and change what has or has not happened. All we can do is start from where we are today and work towards where we want to be next year.

I feel that I have done well with the resolutions and goals I set last year. I am going to try something new this year though. Rather than just making a bunch of resolutions and odd goals I am going to focus on working toward a few large goals. My resolutions this year are to work toward becoming a better blogger, getting ready for my wedding, and working toward going back to school.

Goals this year:
§ Become a better blogger
         Increase posting frequency
         Participate in more activities
         Take and post pictures
         Study professional blogger tips

§ Getting wedding ready
         Get fit
         Drink more water
         Finish wedding checklists

§ Going to school
         Choose between my school options
         Learn to drive
         Get a job closer to my home. (More time to study)

Everyone have a wonderful and safe night and a Happy New Year!

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cindyrina said...

Princess getting busy this year...bless new year to you dear!!! may all dreams come true!

lacosta said...

HAPPY 2012!!
Good luck with your goals =D

Lady Kristen said...

cindyrina : Thank you! I hope you have a blessed New Year as well. And I hope your dreams and goals will come true this year as well. ❤

lacosta : Thank you so much. ❤ Happy New year to you too.

Helene ~ said...

I hope your resolutions will work out for you, and that your goals will be achieved :) I have a few resolutions this year and I am determined to dedicate to them. Happy New Year :)

Fiammetta Rey said...

You have great goals! It's good that you divide them into concrete steps ^_^ My goals are somewhat similar, lose weight, blog more, do well in school, do more crafts, etc. Good luck with yours and Happy New Year!!

Bunny said...

Those are some great goals for the year! :D

I think I should take inspiration from your 'be a better blogger' goals. Also, I think it's good that you're not trying to overload yourself. That's what I always do, and I just end up making little or no progress on most of the goals, and then feel bad about it later.

This year I'm going to try to be a better blogger as well. Do you have any resources you'd like to share about it? What type of blogger activities are there to participate in?

I'd love to talk blogging with you sometime. I need more blogger buddies to help me stay motivated. :)

My email is if you like.

Kieli_Heart said...

Thank you for the sweet words! I'm pretty sure many people needed to hear that, myself included. :3 And best of luck with everything and I do hope to see you post to your blog more! And let us know how everything goes! Congrats to your achievements and Happy New Year =)

~ Kieli ~

Lavenrose said...

Happy New Year! All the best of wishes to you and good luck with your resolutions!

As of right now, I don't really have much of a resolution other than continuously working on getting the full himegyaru look and working harder on school. Hopefully I will get more of what I would want to do in the near year as time goes on.

Lady Kristen said...

Helene ~: I wish you the best with all of your resolutions. An hope you have a wonderful 2012.

Fiammetta Rey : Thank you! I thought dividing them into smaller goals would make them more achievable. Best of luck with your resolutions

Bunny: I would love to have a blogging buddy. I would not say I have sources. I have just been looking at what the more productive bloggers have been doing. And looking at tips on problogger.

Kieli_Heart: Thank you so much. I am glad that my short entry was helpful to you in some way. I will try my best to achieve all that I have planned this year.

Lavenrose: I wish you the best of luck. I definitely hope you do well in school! :)