Friday, February 24, 2012

Katsucon report

For my first anime convention I suppose it was not too bad. The World's Steampunk Fair in 2010 seemed to have had more interesting panel topics and discussions though. I did not have an urge to go to much of anything. Looking back I feel as if I wasted my weekend pass. I spent most of the time milling around and in the merchant's room. It was neat to see all the cosplay, even though I did not know most of the characters. If I go to this next year I am definitely getting a bigger bag, bringing more comfortable shoes, and planning to dress-up for the whole weekend.

There is not much to report from Friday. Oppa and I arrived late to the hotel. I was very sad that I missed the formal ball.That was the one event I really wanted to go to. We still got dressed up and walked about the hotel that night though. I did not take any pictures.

Saturday was all about the lolita meet-up. Tama and I spent the morning looking around the merchant's room. We impulse bought wigs and then quickly ran upstairs to get ready. Tama had been planning for weeks to borrow my clothes and infiltrate our meet-up. She maintained an air of cuteness for a majority of the day, but her gyaru ways showed up every so often. After taking everyone's picture, the poor girl was bored at the meet-up. By end of the day she was more than glad to get into her rave gear and dance the rest of the night away.
jsk, bag, blouse, headdress: BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
parasol: Innocent World
stockings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Offbrand


parasol: Innocent World
Blouse: Fan+Friends
Stockings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Steve Madden
Headdress: handmade
circle contacts: HoneyColor
My poor petticoat did not survive the commute.

I admit that I have not had pictures taken of myself in a long time. I am pleased with how some of them turned out.


426157_388949147797785_100000481083954_1494215_169609620_n - Copy
I actually look cute. But I am definitely going to buy an eyebrow pencil that matches the wig color before I take more pictures.

There is nothing to report on Sunday. Oppa and I packed everything and went back to the merchant's room to buy a few cute items we had wanted. We saw a few more cosplayers and then left.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Finally, I'm back at home. This weekend was hectic, but fun. I will definitely upload pictures later this week. Until then here is a spoiler.


My gyaru friend Tama disguising herself as a lolita and myself on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I would like to wish a Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all of my lovely readers. I truly appreciate all the e-mails, comments, and well wishes I have received over the years. I love that people find my articles, challenges, and rants entertaining and inspiring. I also really enjoy hearing everyone's opinions from the polls. And I am very honored that a few of you have asked for my opinions on your projects and goals. While blogging is one of my personal hobbies, it would be boring without all of you. ❤

Since Valentine's Day is a day to show that you care, I decided to listen to an idea a few of you have suggested. A few of you thought it would be fun if I had a name for my blog's followers. I did not think it mattered, but others have thought it would add more of a connection with you ladies and gentlemen. So since my blog is Princessly Living I thought it would be cute to call my followers my court.

And in the spirit of Valentine's Day I would like to share a heart shaped cookie with all of you. But this one is mine from Oppa. ❤

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. And I hope I will be able to meet a few of you lovely readers at Katsucon this weekend. I am nervous about my first big convention, but I am most excited about the formal ball.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February challenge

"A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away."
--Phyllis McGinley
The end of January was amazing! Getting off of work at 5pm with the whole evening free is wonderful. I no longer have to spend almost every waking hour working or in transit. No more days of only getting five and a half hours worth of sleep. The semi-permenant dark circles under my eyes have almost disappeared. I feel refreshed every morning I wake up. My nutrition is so much more healthy. And my face has started to cooperate with me.

I have also been able to keep ahead of house chorus, interact more with friends, attend more family events, organize my closet, and declutter my jewelry box. I am able to enjoy decorating my nails and making cute lunches. And I am having fun looking for and purchasing new roomwear, home goods, and pampering items.
My life has once again becoming princessly.

With my new free time I no longer have to rush through doing stuff I love. I have been able to clear and rearrange my crafting area. And have been able to think about what projects I would like to finish and new ones I would like to start. So this month I am planning to rediscover some of my favorite hobbies. I hope to reacquaint myself with my computer, dust off my sewing machine, find all my of quilling materials, and update my Rosetta Stone. I think one of the reasons I am really enjoying my new job, besides the perks and better health, is because I get to be me again.

image from:Lithuanian Egg Etching and Crafting