Friday, February 24, 2012

Katsucon report

For my first anime convention I suppose it was not too bad. The World's Steampunk Fair in 2010 seemed to have had more interesting panel topics and discussions though. I did not have an urge to go to much of anything. Looking back I feel as if I wasted my weekend pass. I spent most of the time milling around and in the merchant's room. It was neat to see all the cosplay, even though I did not know most of the characters. If I go to this next year I am definitely getting a bigger bag, bringing more comfortable shoes, and planning to dress-up for the whole weekend.

There is not much to report from Friday. Oppa and I arrived late to the hotel. I was very sad that I missed the formal ball.That was the one event I really wanted to go to. We still got dressed up and walked about the hotel that night though. I did not take any pictures.

Saturday was all about the lolita meet-up. Tama and I spent the morning looking around the merchant's room. We impulse bought wigs and then quickly ran upstairs to get ready. Tama had been planning for weeks to borrow my clothes and infiltrate our meet-up. She maintained an air of cuteness for a majority of the day, but her gyaru ways showed up every so often. After taking everyone's picture, the poor girl was bored at the meet-up. By end of the day she was more than glad to get into her rave gear and dance the rest of the night away.
jsk, bag, blouse, headdress: BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
parasol: Innocent World
stockings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Offbrand


parasol: Innocent World
Blouse: Fan+Friends
Stockings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Steve Madden
Headdress: handmade
circle contacts: HoneyColor
My poor petticoat did not survive the commute.

I admit that I have not had pictures taken of myself in a long time. I am pleased with how some of them turned out.


426157_388949147797785_100000481083954_1494215_169609620_n - Copy
I actually look cute. But I am definitely going to buy an eyebrow pencil that matches the wig color before I take more pictures.

There is nothing to report on Sunday. Oppa and I packed everything and went back to the merchant's room to buy a few cute items we had wanted. We saw a few more cosplayers and then left.


Kieli_Heart said...

Grats on your first anime con! lol don't worry, I always spend the most of my time in the "artist alley" of the cons I go to xD Unless of course I know beforehand what or who I want to see at the con.

And you look awesome! Very cute ♥ Thanks for sharing!

~ Kieli ~

Lady Kristen said...

Kieli_Heart: I have always wanted to go to an anime con to see what it was like. I kind of felt I wasted the opportunity since I did not do much. I had fun though. Thank you! ❤ I was truly amazed at how well some of my pictures came out.

Lavenrose said...

Congratulations on your first anime convention! :D It must've been an exhilarating experience. You two look so cute. <3

Lady Kristen said...

Lavenrose: Thank you! ❤ It was exciting. I thought it was neat to see so many people cosplaying all at one time. I felt lost as to what to do most of the day, but being with friends in that environment was fun.