Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to me ♪

Last Saturday was my birthday and of course one of my favorite holidays, Hinamatsuri. This year a friend made me a "hinamatsuri" birthday cake. I received some lovely gifts and had the first Rita's Ice of the year. One of the best things I received this year were two hinamatsuri pop-up cards!

I also bought some presents for myself. For the longest time I have been in a crafting mood. Unfortunately most of the crafts that I do are rather lengthy. While crocheting and quilling have lovely finals results, I have been looking for a less extensive project.

While looking at hime-kei pictures I was admiring their nails. I would love to have my nails decorated like the models, but unfortunately I cannot have 3D art on my nails while I am at work. Then I started thinking that I could always wear press-on nails. I could wear whatever design I want on my nails and then taken them off during work hours. So I decided that trying to make 3D nails would be my new hobby. So far the nails, rhinestones, pearls, and cherry blossom mold have arrived. The stand, heart molds, acrylic powder, monomer, dapper cup, and other decorations still have yet to be delivered.

I am so excited to start a new project! Wish me luck.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Challenge

"You more often recognize your inadequacies rather than your strengths."
--James E. Faust

I am very much the type of person that focuses on what I did not do or have done incorrectly. I tend to focus on the "what ifs" more than on what is currently happening. I stress myself out from second guessing and over analyzing things I do. And sometimes I miss the giant picture while obsessing over the fine details. I hesitate with completing projects, tasks, and posts because I feel they are not perfect. I truly am an upbeat person, but am I very hard on myself when there truly is no reason to be.

So this month I am going to work on fixing this. I know the stress and feelings of inadequacy are not needed. And I feel especially downtrodden once I look back and realize they were unnecessary from the start. I have always accepted the fact that I am only human and will make mistakes, but I need to stop tormenting myself over my accidents.

This month I am going to squash whatever negativity I believe about my abilities. I am not going to despair whenever I do something wrong. Nor I am going to consider myself incompetent or a nuisance. I am a very talented person and from now I am going to act like it. In a few hours I am going to be 27. I will embrace this new age as a confident, creative, and intelligent woman.

I hope everyone will be able to embrace their strengths and let go of self doubt this month. No one is perfect. Even the most successful people have their faults. Be happy with who you are and enjoy every second, minute, hour, and day. I know I am going to try to.

image from:The Times of India