Saturday, May 26, 2012

The accessories

How has your month been thus far? Have you accomplished all that you have set out to do? I am fairly pleased with how I have progressing with my May challenge. I have cleared out the external influences from several folders on my computer and my music files, I rid my magazine collection of books that I truly had no interest in, and lastly I have purged my jewelry of the odd, childish, and less glamorous accessories. And this morning I finished the last of the spring cleaning in my hair accessory box. I do not remember if all of the unused items I have throw away were impulse buys or that I genuinely thought I would wear them. 

I don't usually go into the box unless I need something other than my standard headbow or a new ponytail holder. I would not say it's cluttered, but some of the sections had no organization.
I decided to clean out the unused kiddie clips and finally, take out the odd phone strap, and put my headbands all in one place.
All in all I am only getting rid of the clips and the jiggle ponytail holders. I do not know what had possessed me to buy these clips. I was never interested in the deco or OTT styles. I think I will keep the clips for future use if I ever have a little girl.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The lifestyle

Throughout the years one portion of the lolita community has been looked down upon and ridiculed, the lifestylists. They have been told that it is impossible and moronic to think that a lolita lifestyle was possible. And that lolita is nothing more than a fashion. Then on the other side of the debate are the people that believe in this subculture and have extravagant ideas of how a lifestyle lolita is supposed to live.

I have always questioned as to why it is this way. First, no one should judge someone else’s lifestyle. Everyone is a unique individual and entitled to pursue their own idea of happiness, as long as it follows the law and does not endanger others. Secondly, other alternative fashions are said to have their own lifestyles why not lolita fashion? I have heard that there are gothic, punk, and gyaru lifestyles, why should lolita be any different? I believe one of the reasons for this debate is that few people know the definition of a lifestyle.

A lifestyle is generally defined as “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group” ( And the business dictionary states that a lifestyle "is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and (on an individual basis) in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income. It also reflects people's self image or self concept"( ).

I like that in both of those definitions it is stated that a lifestyle is based on an individual's way of life. So thus if someone feels that their girlie, princessly, lolita way of conduct, habits, and interests fit the definition of a lifestyle lolita who is anyone to say that that is a preposterous idea?

Everyone's ideals of being a lifestyle lolita are going to be slightly different. My lifestyle choices are going to be different than others especially since I do not strictly follow one of the popular lolita genres. I would say my fashion is a collage of ulzzang, slight sweetly/slightly classical lolita, hime lolita, and himegyaru. I have not reached my ideal lifestyle yet, but I get closer everyday.

Set of behaviors:
Be caring to everyone. Always have a pleasant attitude. Never forgot your manners. Be thoughtful of your words and actions. Be lady-like in everything you do.

honesty, creativity, beauty, happiness, confidence, grace, charity, education, refinement, modesty, sophistication, elegance

Self image:
A modern day rococo princess. A little lolita, a little hime, a little preppie, but completely me. ❤

Social relations:
local friends, meet-ups, galcir, forums, blogosphere, pen pals, conventions

meet-ups, movies, books, dramas, fashion show, picnics, GLB, trips, calligraphy, para para, crafting, blogging

Most anything not hard labor intensive. Laboratory assistant, mental health worker, office worker

skirts, blouses, cute shoes, heels, cute purses, jumperskirts, capes, boleros, pearls, shorts, dresses, hair accessories, bows, deco nails, heels, parasols, adorable coats, fabulous sunglasses

tea parties, shopping, fashion shows, picnics, conventions, panels, photography, movie reviewing, carriage rides, walks, trips, festivals, caroling, blogging, archery, horse riding,

acting proper, following etiquette, buying fashion magazines, checking brand stores, searching Y!Japan, maintaining beauty, crafting
pastel colors, antique items, cute items, sweets, princess-like items, tiaras, pearls, diamonds,

GLB, GosuRori, KERA, Ageha, Seventeen, Popteen, Hime☆Style, Ray, Pinky


top image from: Tumblr 
bottom image: polyvore

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Challenege

"Only do what your heart tells you."
--Princess Diana
The world today is a jumble of messages and demands. We are bombarded by a plethora of ads, emotion stirring images, personal advice, and peer pressure each day. The radio, entertainment industry, television, magazines, and computer ads are all trying to sell you on the image of the cool, prefect, fashionable, desired lifestyle. But have you stepped back to think of what you really want? Are you subconsciously following trends and opinions of what is cool? Do you want that print because you really like it or because of all the hype others are making about it?

This month I am dedicating to self-reflection and truly listening to my heart. For the past 3 months I have completely ignored the main egl community, lolita forums, and my local lolita Facebook and I have been extremely pleased about my fashion choices. I noticed that my lolita file on my computer was overcrowded with pictures of different popular fashion trends that I actually had no desire in trying. All the excitement of eye popping bright prints, split wigs, and small animal bags had apparently hypnotized me. I decided that I would delete the files that did not interest me. Once I cleaned out the folder only 40% of the pictures remained. I was amazed at how much I had been effected by the opinions of others. And I was determined to continue this purge of unwanted influences not only in my fashion choices but throughout the rest of my interests.

This challenge has nothing to do with being a special snowflake or belittling others that like popular trends. This month is about finding out what makes me happy and cutting away the excess influences. Another reason I chose this quote for this month was in belated celebration of the first annual National Princess Week. I wish I had known about this last week. But I will be prepared for this next year though. I wish everyone a Happy May and good luck in all that you do.  

image from:Confessions of a Seeker