Friday, May 11, 2012

The lifestyle

Throughout the years one portion of the lolita community has been looked down upon and ridiculed, the lifestylists. They have been told that it is impossible and moronic to think that a lolita lifestyle was possible. And that lolita is nothing more than a fashion. Then on the other side of the debate are the people that believe in this subculture and have extravagant ideas of how a lifestyle lolita is supposed to live.

I have always questioned as to why it is this way. First, no one should judge someone else’s lifestyle. Everyone is a unique individual and entitled to pursue their own idea of happiness, as long as it follows the law and does not endanger others. Secondly, other alternative fashions are said to have their own lifestyles why not lolita fashion? I have heard that there are gothic, punk, and gyaru lifestyles, why should lolita be any different? I believe one of the reasons for this debate is that few people know the definition of a lifestyle.

A lifestyle is generally defined as “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group” ( And the business dictionary states that a lifestyle "is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and (on an individual basis) in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income. It also reflects people's self image or self concept"( ).

I like that in both of those definitions it is stated that a lifestyle is based on an individual's way of life. So thus if someone feels that their girlie, princessly, lolita way of conduct, habits, and interests fit the definition of a lifestyle lolita who is anyone to say that that is a preposterous idea?

Everyone's ideals of being a lifestyle lolita are going to be slightly different. My lifestyle choices are going to be different than others especially since I do not strictly follow one of the popular lolita genres. I would say my fashion is a collage of ulzzang, slight sweetly/slightly classical lolita, hime lolita, and himegyaru. I have not reached my ideal lifestyle yet, but I get closer everyday.

Set of behaviors:
Be caring to everyone. Always have a pleasant attitude. Never forgot your manners. Be thoughtful of your words and actions. Be lady-like in everything you do.

honesty, creativity, beauty, happiness, confidence, grace, charity, education, refinement, modesty, sophistication, elegance

Self image:
A modern day rococo princess. A little lolita, a little hime, a little preppie, but completely me. ❤

Social relations:
local friends, meet-ups, galcir, forums, blogosphere, pen pals, conventions

meet-ups, movies, books, dramas, fashion show, picnics, GLB, trips, calligraphy, para para, crafting, blogging

Most anything not hard labor intensive. Laboratory assistant, mental health worker, office worker

skirts, blouses, cute shoes, heels, cute purses, jumperskirts, capes, boleros, pearls, shorts, dresses, hair accessories, bows, deco nails, heels, parasols, adorable coats, fabulous sunglasses

tea parties, shopping, fashion shows, picnics, conventions, panels, photography, movie reviewing, carriage rides, walks, trips, festivals, caroling, blogging, archery, horse riding,

acting proper, following etiquette, buying fashion magazines, checking brand stores, searching Y!Japan, maintaining beauty, crafting
pastel colors, antique items, cute items, sweets, princess-like items, tiaras, pearls, diamonds,

GLB, GosuRori, KERA, Ageha, Seventeen, Popteen, Hime☆Style, Ray, Pinky


top image from: Tumblr 
bottom image: polyvore


Alexandriaweb said...

"Throughout the years one portion of the lolita community has been looked down upon"

Um no, lifestylers get just as much stick as anybody else. You really think more people "look down" on lifestylers than look down on lolitas that are seen as to fat/thin/old/man-faced etc?

Nobody cares if you want to "live the lifestyle" do it, but don't claim to be persecuted because of it...You aren't.

Lady Kristen said...

Alexandriaweb: I have written posts in the past about being a plus size lolita and a tall lolita. I only focus on one topic per post. Here are the links to the pervious posts if you would like to see them. Lolita vs. Height and Lolita vs. Weight. Live, love, laugh, and dance is another post that you may like.

hellokitt9 said...

I think those who say you can't live a Lolita life are those who are not the kind of people who can't live that life and that why they say such mean and stupid stuff. No real Lolita would ever say anything like that. Real Lolitas are not mean like that.

Miuko said...

I totally agree with you!
Of course, Lolita fashion can be only clothes. But the people forgot that even behind the clothes, there is certain aesthetic, and in this case it is being a perfect innocent victorian doll. And some people take this aesthetic for other parts of their life.

Fiammetta Rey said...

Wow... the lifestyle you described there is exactly how I would like my life to be (for the most part). It's nice to see someone else who desires similar things.
I just wish I had friends IRL who were at all interested in that sort of thing lol (or knew where to find people like that, at all, etc.)

Lady Kristen said...

hellokitt9: I would not say they are not real lolita. Just that they need to be more accepting to those that believe in and follow the lolita lifestyle.

Miuko: Thank you.

Fiammetta Rey: Thank you. ❤ Have you looked for a local lolita community? There seems to usually be at least one lifestylist per community.

John D. Maupins said...