5/30/12: Pre-Anniversary

I meant to post this sooner, but my camera refused to cooperate with me. Anyway 5/30/12 marked one year until the wedding date. ❤ Oppa and I thought it would be cute to treat this as an pre-anniversary day. We decided that we would not do anything too special though.

The morning started out with a breakfast of love. I got up earlier than Oppa and made heart shaped banana pancakes. The first pancake was an utter failure, but the rest were prefect.

I had to share a picture of the syrup bottle. I like this brand for the sole fact that the dispenser top is smiling.

After work, Oppa had roses and made dinner.

Since we already bought our wedding bands I thought I would share my set. I've seen a few pictures taken like this and wanted to try it for myself. Happy Pre-Anniversary to us.
I cannot wait to wear my rings together. Only 361 more days to go!

June challenge

"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."
--Robert Louis Stevenson
I usually measure my accomplishments by the major tasks that I am able to complete. Finishing a major project, handing in a long paper, cleaning the entire house, etc. But working on my wedding checklists I have begun to feel successful over the little tasks I am able to complete. While setting up interviews with vendors and typing out music playlists are minuscule successes, they are necessary for the major task at hand.

I felt that I should take this sense of accomplishment and apply it to other areas in my life. I will acknowledge my accomplishment when I put together a new fantastic coordination, when I attempt a new recipe, after I maintain a smaller weight for a week, etc. I may not be able to achieve the main goal at the current moment, but I am working toward it. And why not be happy with the small steps that I have taken today that will help with the big picture tomorrow?

This month I will not overlook the small successes. I will celebrate every accomplishment and happily work toward my larger goals. I hope that everyone will be able to accomplish all that they have set out to do this month as well.

 image from:denniscummins.com