Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily garden

Unexpected events have thrown a curve into my life. Things have not returned back to normal, but they have stabilized for the time being. During that time I completely neglected my blog and lost my drive to work on my challenge. Even though half the month is over I decided to work on one aspect of my July challenge by working on making more daily posts.

One activity I enjoy is spending time in gardens and national parks. I wish I lived near a place like those. I would spend as much time as possible there. Sadly the closest garden is at least 30 minutes away. But luckily I work at a wonderful hospital that has lovely surroundings. Fishing ponds, fountains, and colorful foliage.

I look forward to going to work and sitting by the fountain at lunch, maybe seeing a deer stroll by, and feeding the fish.

Thank you for taking a little peek into my daily garden

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Challenge

"The only limitations in life are the limitations you put on yourself..."
--Joel McCrod
I am famous for putting limitations on myself. Be it clothing choices, activities, items that I truly want, or blogging material. I am usually worried about making the safest or untroblesome choices. This leads to most of my days being rather dull and uneventful. Not only am I hindering myself from any possible fun, I am distancing myself to new experiences. I could be missing out on meeting new friends, fun events, or other possible opportunities. I do not allow others to hold me back, why should I do that to myself?

So this month I am going to start the task of breaking the bad habit of restricting myself. I will attempt to go places and try new things. Whatever I plan to do this month will be fun or a learning opportunity. While the excruciating Maryland summer might impede on some outdoor activities, I will still make the most of every moment. I will try to use my tumblr and twitter more often. And I hope to begin the process of becoming a more active blogger with additional daily life posts.

I do not want to look back on my life as mundane and stagnant.  I only get to live once and I will try to make every day a little more exciting.

 image from: Living Life Learning