Friday, October 12, 2012

No longer a child

I love lifestyle idea lists. I enjoy seeing other lolita's ideas for outfit coordinations, for days when you feel too bummed to dress up, and seasonal ideas. I look forward to the craft ideas, baking tips, and other fun activity suggestions. I have filled a journal with lifestyle suggestions that I one day hope to accomplish from these types of lists.

 But there is one thing that always seems to arise from these lists that I dislike. Juvenile activities. Tea parties with stuffed animals and playground photoshoots are just not for me. There a numerous reasons for my aversion toward such ideas. Which are not limited to the facts that I like hime/classical styles, my age, or that I like lolita fashion for the elegance and refinery. Even when I was first introduced to lolita fashion in 2003 I disapproved of the childish trends that were commonly thought of as adorable.

I dislike stuffed animals with lolita. To me they diminishes the grandeur of the fashion. I do not want to look like I am trying to relive my toddler years. Nor do I think that deer/bunny/dog purses look cute. I do not want a bag that is normally advertised for tweens and elementary school girls. I want to be graceful and feminine.  I also believe that unless you are a child you look ridiculous at a playground taking pictures. Playground are for exercise, to keep children entertained, and to have them socialize with others outside of the classroom. To me a jungle gym, slide, tire swing, and lolita do not belong in the same setting. I cringe at the thought of a picture I had taken in 2006 of me standing on a jungle gym. I do not remember how I got talked into going on that thing, but I regret it to this day.

One of my favorite suggestions lists is Princess Skye's 101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas. There are of course certain ideas that appear on this list that I have no care for, but for the most part I like a majority of the recommendation. I have always wanted to make a list of my own. However, I am not resourceful enough to think of 101 different ideas. So here is my compiled list of 50 Lifestyle Ideas that I one day hope to accomplish or already have. I take no credit for thinking up the majority of these idea, as stated before I have a journal filled with ideas from numerous past lists.

- Go to an upper-class restaurant for tea
- Go antiquing
- Participate in a photoshoot
- Take finishing classes
- Go horseback riding
- Take a dance class
- Fly a kite
- Ride in an old fashion train
- Try flower arranging
- Gather your friends for the day and read books out loud
- Read stories to sick children
- Have a baking day
- Try creative stitchery: embroider, crocheting, knitting, quilting
- Go tea tasting
- Make gift baskets for friends
- Make specialized candles
- Learn to play an instrument
- Learn a language
- Make homemade parfaits
- Try quilling
- Go to traditional ball
- Make homemade Christmas cards
- See an opera or play
- Visit an art museum
- Practice calligraphy
- Try ice skating
- Go on a cruise
- Pack a lunch and explore your neighborhood/park
- Develop a signature - an article of clothing, hairstyle, a make-up technique
- Ride in a horse drawn carriage
- Go Christmas caroling
- Paint
- Make your own fragrance 
- Deco electronics 
- Try making jewelry
- Start a garden/ window planter box
- Write poetry
- Learn an old card game
- Make your own visiting cards
- Participate in a charity
- Sew an unique wardrobe piece
- Make a stain glass piece
- Get pampered at a spa
- Visit a topiary garden/arboretum
- Update furniture with rococo-eqse pieces
- Write a letter to your dearest friend or family member
- Scrapbooking/journaling
- Flower/ leaf pressing
- Build a bird house
- Travel in Victorian fashion

And finally write a blog!

image from: Beautiful Wishes


LavenderMintRose said...

This list is pretty perfect! You have some great ideas! I also agree about the elegance and such being the best part of lolita fashion, and it's not as nice with all the little-kid style things on it.
Gonna bookmark this and remember it for ideas~

Lady Kristen said...

LavenderMintRose: Thank you. It is good to know there are others that feel the same way as I do. And I am glad that you enjoyed my list.

Syd and Abby said...

Not only is this list perfect for older people, but the middle-age people too! Not every 14 year old wants to act like they're 6 years old, and this list is a wonderful example of that! Totally bookmarking this for later! :)