Sunday, December 2, 2012

December challenge

"Its the end of the year. Plenty of time to finish something, end something, and start something new. Do all 3!"

I usually see December as a month of endings. It's the end of the year. So I try to accomplish any goals that I set for myself during the year. And I prepare to start anew when the clock strikes 12:01am on January first. "Out with the old and in with the new", as is commonly said. But since this year has not gone like I had hoped, I think I will try something new.

I will still continue with my normal traditions, but this year I think I am going to work on attempting to try something new as well. This coincides with my future goal making I hope to work on next year.

So for December my goal are:

Finish/end something:
Finish reading Peter Pan, stop deleting half-finished post ideas.
Continue with:
Participate in more blog challenges, eliminate unwanted blog links.
Start something new:
Clean out unused and unwanted items, Stop always censoring my opinions.

I hope my fellow ladies and gentlemen will try something new this month as well. December does not always have to be about endings. And I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday.

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LavenderMintRose said...

that's a great idea for the end of the year, clearing out to make room for a fresh start! Good luck with all of it!

Lynette said...

I like the idea of using December to end various projects you had through out the year. It would also be a good time to reflect back over everything that happened in the past months and see where and how you've grown.

Thanks for the idea and good luck to your goals!

Lady Kristen said...

LavenderMintRose: Thank you. All is going well so far. My "Shops/Things To Buy" folder is half of what is used to be. Good luck to you with whatever you want to accomplish in December as well.

Lynette: You are welcome. There is not much I want to reflect on this year. That is why in addition to finishing lose projects I have decided to try to work on something new. Best wishes with your goals as well. Hopefully next December I will have plenty to reminisce about. :)