Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Challenge

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
--Joshua J. Marine

Last month's challenge was a success! I put my foot down and stopped letting circumstances rule over me. I was really pleased with the accomplishments and decisions that were made. Rather than just planning and attempting to do things, I was determined that stuff got done. And there would not be any emotional ruts because plans fell through. I had forgotten how good it felt to take charge of life. The feeling of triumph is pure happiness and I never want to feel like a failure to myself again. I definitely flourished, grew, and prospered.

To achieve my goals I was not naggy, malicious, or offensive. Nor did I ever play the loathsome 'I am a princess' card. I set obtainable goals and saw to it that each was completed. I started the month with only two goals, organizing bills and updating Princessly Living. After completing those tasks I wanted to expand and do more. I then went on to declutter my household and completely pay off three bills!

So for this month I need to continue with this drive and energy for another goal I set. There is no time for laziness or melancholy because I have 36 days until I finally get married. Toward the end of last month Oppa and I decided that we were just going to have a private ceremony and then brunch. No more delays because of illness or job changes. No more having to hear "So when are you getting married?" No more correcting others when others ask about my husband. Barring a freak Snowmageddon 12/11/13 will be the day we said 'I do'.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Time for a change

For my first act of being productive, I have decided that with changing my outlook and style it was time to change my blog layout. My last layout was sweet and cute, but I wanted something more elegant and refined.

I remember being told when I was younger that a simple revision can mean the world of difference and open new possibilities. I am hoping this is true. I feel that with having a fresh new layout, I will be motivated to once again to pay full attention to my blog. It will inspire me to post more often and be more creative. 

At times I felt that the last layout was too congested. I decided on a 2 column template, hoping it would be less busy. I love my tumblr so I also added a visual of my latest image. If clicked the image will take you to that image's display page.

What do my wonderful followers think of the new change?

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Challenge

"If you don't take the chance to live life, what can you say at the end of it?"
--Naveen Andrews
I failed last month's challenge and let reality continue to crush my dreams. Despite everything slowly getting back on track, I have yet to actually start living life again. I am just going through the motions of each day, but do not actively participate. I wake up at the designated time, go to work, smiled and node when appropriate, go home, and sleep. That is not living! I have begun to fear that straying from this path would lead to everything collapsing again. I did not set any goals for fear of disappointment. I did not attempt any new thing out of fear of failure.

It seems that every day my dreams get farther and farther away. It feel that I am no where near to achieving anything. And I am just not satisfied with the notion that one day I will accomplish my goals. I want to work toward my dream now, but I need to find the motivation first. Life has become a sad, boring routine. But I need to push myself to end the monotony.

I don't want to just survive each day, I want to flourish, grow, and prosper.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Challenge

"Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?"
--George Edward Moore
I felt this quote would be fitting for this month because lately I have been feeling rather melancholy. Nothing has been going as hoped and plans were falling through. It seemed that every time I took a step forward I got pushed back two steps. This has led to discouragement and withdrawal from the things I love. Which then in turn made me more dispirited. It was a continuing spiral of depression that needs to end now.

This month I definitely want to work on getting back to the things I love. I no longer want to let reality ruin my dreams, hopes, and plans. This month I will focus once again on taking my dreams and working toward making them reality. I will attempt to keep a positive outlook no matter what happens. One step at a time I will push forward with my goals.

There will of course still be limits to what can be accomplished. But that does not mean I should resign and live a boring life. I need to push myself and not focus on what is impossible. I need to work on making my dreams come true. No pessimism, no giving up, just making small achievements that lead to the big picture I want. It is time to end the feelings of hopelessness and make September a productive month!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My way or the highway

The cookie cutter jumperskirt designs, the same recurring color palettes, the routinely accepted outfit coordinations, and the disdain for new ideas. I no longer wanted to participate in a niche fashion that would not let me express myself to the fullest. I wanted more choices, variety, and to be myself not a clone. I find the most enjoyment from my outfits when everything is not from a preplanned matching set.

I will no longer have limited clothing choices. The only fashion I am following is my own. The only fashion rules are the ones that I make. Brand labels will no longer dictate if my ensemble is first rate. It's exhilarating and frightening to separate from the crowd. But as I said previously, after ten years it is time to move on. I feel nostalgic as I sort through my closet, but I know my future wardrobe will be even better.

My current goals are to:

❤ Work on defining my style.

I loved the lifestyle, elegance, and sweetness of lolita. I love the sophistication, femininity, and simplicity of ulzzang and some korean fashion. I love the adorable accessories and playfulness of himegyaru. I love the pastel hues of sweet gyaru. My new style choices will include a mixture of these elements. I want a life of pearls, bow accessories, rose deco nails, feminine heels, pastel clothes, and adorable eye make-up. I am no longer limiting my fashion choices to one classification label. And there will no longer be a separation between my in-style fashion and any lackadaisical fashion days.

❤ Wear clothes that fit my body, not adjusting my body to fit the clothes.

One of the major issues I experienced with lolita, is the fact that I am 9 or more inches taller than the marketed target group. I am also very plus sized. I was displeased with the limited selection of brand items that were available in my size. I refuse to using binders or slouching to make the clothes fit to my measurements. I will focus on weightloss only to become healthier and not because it will also allow a skirt to fit more comfortably.

❤ “Fashion changes, but style endures.” ― Coco Chanel

Following my own style allows me to leave all the trends and fads behind. I will only focus on the trends I truly like and be less compelled to buy into the ones that I will ignore after a few months. I will be able to fully enjoy my style without feeling a season behind everyone because of the presence or lack of a certain article or accessory. Besides I want to develop a style I will love for a very long time, if not for the rest of my life.

❤ "Never step out of the house wearing something U wouldn't want to be photographed in." ― RuPaul

Never again will I have to awkwardly try to explain my clothing choices to others. I will no longer have to worry if friends or family members feel embarrassed to be near me in public. Contemplating if a certain print or dress pattern would be too juvenile will no longer be an issue. Since there will be no distinct difference between my in and out of fashion wardrobe there should never be a moment when I am embarrassed by my clothing choices. I want to take more pictures and I think a wardrobe change will definitely make be feel more confident.

I wish everyone luck with their clothing adventures as well.

image from: Day to Be You

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Challenge

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Occasionally there comes a time when one loses interest in the hobbies they once loved. The spark that piqued your interest has flickered out. The delight of new information or items no longer brightens your day. And after ten years, it has finally happened to me. I have been rather depressed with the realization of this metamorphosis. And resisting against this change has done nothing but dishearten me even further. So I have finally decided that I will no longer be focusing on lolita fashion.

In my earlier lolita days, I never would have thought this day would come. I had always envisioned that I would want to be lolita for a very long time. I imagined having a lolifed wedding and house. But I have no care for such things anymore. I no longer care to learn or remember the name of prints. Lucky pack sales no longer set my heart aflutter. The arguments of coordination aesthetics have become a bore. And the egl topics repeat redundantly. I have not visited any of the brand stores in 3-4 months nor do I want to. It really saddens me to feel this way. But no matter what I have tried, the flame I felt for lolita fashion is gone and it is time to move on with my life.

But fear not. Princessly Living will not be disappearing. I am still very much interested in feminine, cute fashions such as himekaji, sweet gyaru, and ulzzang just to name a few. But this time I plan on making my own way. I am tired of other's rules. No more limits on clothing choices or styles. No worries of public ageplay misconceptions. No longer sharing interests with repugnant people. This time I am not going to tie myself to one specific school of fashion, I am just going to be me. And I feel that I am going to have so much fun.

I'm sorry lolita fashion you're prefect in every way, but no longer meant for me. I am sorry if this displeases any of my followers. And if you plan to unfollow me because of this decision, know that it has been a wonderful journey with all of you.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Current trends: Pearl chokers

I finally decided to try a new post series, my current trends. These will be picture oriented posts that focus on one accessory, article of clothing, or style that I am currently captivated by. I felt like sharing a little more of my interests as well as keeping a log of my different fancies.

For my first post, I am concentrating on pearl chokers. While I find necklaces beautiful and own quite a few pendants, they hold no comparison to a band of pearls resting at the base of the neck. Pearls are so feminine and I find pearl chokers simply elegant and regal.

At first, I never thought to wear pearls with lolita until I became more involved in classical and hime lolita. Then with the discovery of himegyaru, I knew I needed a pearl choker. Others can have the cute cupcakes, bows, and melting chocolate, but pearls are a necessity for me.



Non-brand chokers

Top center: Gracie Jewellery
Bottom left: We❤it
Bottom right: Art Fire

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Challenge

"Never let anyone steal your joy. Life is too precious to waste time on negative people."
--Nishan Panwar
I felt like working on a different sort of challenge this month. Normally my challenges have to deal with improving myself in some way. But this month, I decided that I am going to work on external issues that are starting to arise. No names will be mentioned in this blog post. I will not give them the satisfaction of an audience. I just want these negative people to know that I am putting my foot down and that the rumors are no longer acceptable.

Very few people can go through life without the sneers or critiques of negative people. They hide in the shadows waiting for something good to happen or for others to express themselves and then they try to tarnish the moment. They are looking for any opportunity to start drama just to make others feel horrible so they can ignore the problems in their own lives.

Usually I just ignore this type of person. I went through school with very few friends because I would cut ties when I noticed the negativity. By negativity I do not mean jealousy. Everyone is slightly jealous of something. I mean the type of people that start rumors or physically tries to ruin someone else's happiness. I dislike being associated with those kind of people.

Firstly, I am very happy to share most of my life on my blog. But there are some things I feel that should remain private. It does not make me any less of a lifestyle blogger. I feel that I am proving myself as a trustworthy friend or family member because I do not feel the need to share everything with the world. I believe that this blog should focus primarily on my opinions and style and not on the happenings of others. When and if I feel like sharing something, I will. For example I debated for a long time if I should have written about my Nanny's passing. She was a very important part in my life and she loved the idea of my blog so I shared. As people that have nothing to do with my personal life, there is no need to start rumors when you are not and will not be involved.

Secondly, I am ready for any obese comments that anyone is thinking about posting because of my weekend out with Tama. Yes, I have gained a large amount of weight. There is no shock or astonishment in calling me fat. I am well aware that I am massive. I have been large since I was 12 years old. I am an emotional eater and with life falling away since last July it is no surprise I have gotten larger. Am I happy with my weight? No. Am I working on correcting this? Yes. For the past 2 weeks I have been actually focusing on losing weight. And while losing 5lbs is not much, I am pleased. I am not losing weight to quickly becoming skinny to fit into brand. I am taking it slow and working on becoming healthier. And to show I am not horribly ashamed here are 2 pictures. I refuse to hide myself away now that I am finally feeling happier, wanting to dress up, and go out.

Even if negative people want to deny it, I know exactly what they are. And I just want to let them know that I am not intimated by them. Life is starting to get better once again and their negativity is not needed. Maybe if they were not so focused on other people they could find happiness too.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

'Vera'ciously too much for me

I cannot hold back any longer. It seems that everyone around me is infatuated with Vera Bradley. And they do not just have one or two pieces. By heavens, no. They have to have the totes, satchels, backpacks, wallets, and phone covers. They gloat over the past season's designs or color palates and wait anxiously of the newest releases! When someone comments on their purse they always proclaim proudly that "It's a Vera Bradley". Big deal.

Frankly, I do not understand the appeal of this brand. All I see is an extremely bright, busy, over priced, quilted bag. These bags do not have any special construction. Anyone with basic sewing skills could easy make something similar. The fabric reminds me of the clearance section at my local Joann craft store. And the colors on these bags are so bright that they clash with everything. I am well aware that they make plain black bags as well, but they are completely unenthralling.

On multiple occasion, I have been assured that I would like these bags if I found one in blue. I have been shown bags in every hue of blue and even the least boisterous bag could not sway my opinion. I simply do not like these bags. I have already warned most family and friends to not even think of buying one of these for me.

I do not understand why Vera Bradley owners attribute an air of entitlement to these bags. They are just atrociously bright, quilted fabric sewn in the shape of a bag. I am sorry, but Paisley print is not rare. And the designs were always the type that my mother would avoid when she was making a quilt or her scrub tops. (My mother was a nurse.) Besides that the bags are not even that rare. There are at least 3 stores that sell this brand within a 6 mile radius from my house.

I have to clarify that I do not have an issue with the quilted look of this brand. I love quilt texture items. Two years ago I wanted a quilt pattern white Hello Kitty planner. And more recently I have been yearning for a Liz Lisa quilted wallet. They are so dainty and feminine looking.

I know I will receive grief from some of my friends, but I needed to express myself fully. And I was glad to see that there is a facebook group of people that feel the same way.

image from: Vera Bradley
Raegan Huston
Web Nuggetz

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hang up and drive

Going to the metro station for Sakura Matsuri this weekend, I kept witnessing the one activity that makes me fearful of driving. People using on their cellphone while driving. It was the same during the previous 2 months when Oppa and I were driving between Maryland and Delaware.

In Maryland and Delaware, it is illegal to use a cellphone while driving without a hands free device. But during my many road trips, I witnessed plenty of drivers texting and chatting with the phone to their face. I do not have a need to enforce the law or a real care for what most people do while in their cars. It is just that these people are slowing traffic, swerving into other lanes, or tailgating more then the average driver. There was one instance when one of these law breakers almost grazed the side of Oppa and my car. I would have been severely cross if that woman would have hit us.

According to the CDC in 2011, 3,331 people were killed and 387,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. They calculated that that is more than 9 people killed and 1,060 injured each day in the United States alone!

Honestly, what is so important that someone cannot put their phone away for 10-20 minutes so they can drive from point A to point B? Or if one is so addicted to the internet, social media, or texting that they must be permanently looking at a cell phone why not have someone else drive? Why are people so desensitized to the fact they they are in control of 1+ ton metal object moving at rapid speed?

I wish there was a way to report these nuisances. Maybe an app that a passenger could take a picture of a driver using a cellphone and their license plate. The app could be linked to the police or motor vehicle departments. Then after 3 reports your license will be suspended for 6 months. I definitely think that suspensions would be more of a deterrent than the current $40-$500 fines. If any more offenses are reported the suspension could be extended for a year or permanently. But unfortunately taking a picture of someone in Maryland without their permission is also illegal.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Challenge

"To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are."
--Tim Menchen

In March, I finally sat down and decided that I needed to stop viewing my life as inferior to others. I needed to stop obsessing over what other people have or are going to do and focus on my life. I also needed to give thanks for what I have and appreciate what opportunities I have been given.

So this month, I have decided that I need to do more than just give thanks. I need to act on those skills and opportunities. I have already made lists of what my future plans are and now I just need to take action. I have decided that there is no time for procrastination. I no longer want to waste my life on 'what if...', 'if only...', or 'one day...'

My life is not prefect, nor am I where I would like to be. But waiting until life works in my favor is not getting me anywhere. So this month is about taking action. I am no longer going to dream of the life I want or am planning to have. I need to work everyday toward that life now. I look forward to not waiting until tomorrow. I look forward once again achieving my goals. And I look forward to becoming a better person with each day.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Belated Birthday

It is that time of year again. March 3rd marked my 28th birthday. I was not planning on doing much this year, but I was determined to have a nice cake to cheer me up. So Oppa and I set out in search of Lotte, which I had been to 3 or 4 times since first moving to Maryland. I unfortunately did not know the exact location, so we spent 2 hours driving all over Maryland. After the 3rd store, we finally found the right one and Oppa bought me the cutest vanilla cake. I especially loved the rose bouquet.

While there, I thought it would be a good idea to try making parfaits for dessert later that week. I had given up on trying to find a local shop that makes parfaits. I can find the ingredients, decorations, and cups at any of my local stores so I decided that I will make my own. These are not the best looking parfaits, but they were delicious. And besides I have to start somewhere.

This year I received a few very nice gifts. Some of my particular favorites were a blue deco phone case, a blue heart keychain with my name, and a plushie blueberry milk phone charm. I also recieved a bow bracelet from Tama and an elastic band bow ring from Oppa's little sister.

But definitely the best presents were from Oppa. He gifted me with married couple magnet phone charms. They connect at the head, so it looks like the bride is kissing the groom's cheek.

Another of his gifts is actually a Christmas/Birthday combination present. A heart tennis bracelet.

I am very thankful for all of the well wishes and gifts I have received. My birthday was definitely a great boost to my self esteem. Whenever I was feeling down or inadequate this month I would just give a quick glance at my e-mails, lovely gifts, and cards. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Challenge

"Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow."
--Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros

I have an unhealthy habit of focusing on the past or on what others have/can do. This causes me to lose sight of my  own abilities or opportunities in my life. Then when I do regain focus, I do not see the bright side. It seems that everyone around me is getting want they want, except for me. I feel that all I do is work, but I get no reward in return. Of course the recent events in my life do not help.

I would become so focused on my perceived inadequacies that I would have mini panic attacks. All I could think about is that I will never get the chance to travel, have nice things, or experience fun. Just when everything seems to be going well, life finds a way to destroy my hopes again. I know there are other people in worse situations than I am. But I feel that my life is not improving either.

I need to stop thinking this way. I need to stop focusing on other people and concentrate on my life. So this month I decided it was time to take charge of my anxiety, self doubt, and jealousy. I need to be thankful for what I have/where I am and strive toward improving upon that. I need to redirect these negative feelings and modify them into positive motivation.  I will not be taking a destination vacation this summer, but I do not need to confine myself to the house either. March will be a stepping stone on revising how I see my life and working on how to make each day better.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ending the interlude

I have received a few e-mails from concerned readers asking if I were taking a hiatus. While there is no challenge for February, I am not taking a formal break. I have been unable to focus enough to sit down and formulate a post. I spend the end of January and majority of this month in transit between Maryland and Delaware. My Nanny had fallen ill and consequently passed away last Saturday, 2/9/2013.

Nanny was my maternal grandmother. She was the matriarch of my family. Her word was final during familial affairs. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other events were always hosted at her house. While programing a VCR or DVD player was an impossible task for her, if there was an issue Nanny had an answer. She was always there for us. And sometimes had to tell us the hard truth when we needed to hear it.

She was a simple woman. She did not need pearls or foreign vacations to make her happy. A phone call or an animal greeting card ment the world to her. She never had big aspirations. She just wanted her family to be happy. Like any other veteran she was incredibly tough. And if she want something there is no talking her out of it.

It hurts that she will not be there whenever I walk down the aisle, whenever Oppa and I have children, or laugh at me when I complain about getting old. I was Nanny's only grandchild. I was the light of her life and her baby girl. She marveled at every of my academic achievements, supported my every decision, and loved me unconditionally.

Nanny you will always be in my heart!

10/02/1938 - 2/9/2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Challenge

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
--George Bernard Shaw

Happy New Year!

It is once again the time of year for resolutions, setting goals, and making commitments for the upcoming year. The slate has been wiped clean once again and everything that lies ahead is new and encouraging. The possibilities are endless.

I usually make a list of resolution to try to accomplish, but this year I plan on trying something new. I am going to make only one resolution. This is going to be the year I go fully himekei. I have always been rather unhappy that my lolita and general clothing styles were quite broad. But this year I plan to amend that. I will be focusing on only classical lolita, hime lolita, himekaji, himegyaru, and ulzzang. Last year proved that life does not give people what they want, they have to take it for themselves. So in 2013 I am going to continue to work zealously toward becoming the person I want to be. This year is to be filled with pastels, pearls, and princessly splendor.

There is of course a lot involved with this resolution. Blogging more, a wardrobe update, nail art, going to activities, weightloss, taking more pictures, and getting a hair cut, just to name a few. But instead of focusing on each detail separately I will be focusing on the big picture. At times I tend to agonize over small details and neglect the main objective.

To celebrate my decision Oppa and I had a tiny New Year's party. None of the pictures came out well except for the champagne flutes waiting for the New Year's toast.
I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year. I wish everyone the best with following their resolutions and let's make 2013 one of the best years yet!

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