Friday, May 24, 2013

Current trends: Pearl chokers

I finally decided to try a new post series, my current trends. These will be picture oriented posts that focus on one accessory, article of clothing, or style that I am currently captivated by. I felt like sharing a little more of my interests as well as keeping a log of my different fancies.

For my first post, I am concentrating on pearl chokers. While I find necklaces beautiful and own quite a few pendants, they hold no comparison to a band of pearls resting at the base of the neck. Pearls are so feminine and I find pearl chokers simply elegant and regal.

At first, I never thought to wear pearls with lolita until I became more involved in classical and hime lolita. Then with the discovery of himegyaru, I knew I needed a pearl choker. Others can have the cute cupcakes, bows, and melting chocolate, but pearls are a necessity for me.



Non-brand chokers

Top center: Gracie Jewellery
Bottom left: We❤it
Bottom right: Art Fire


Lavenrose said...

I always find pearls a necessity! xD Never there has been ever a time where I thought that "pearls are so last season!", since I always constantly wear a pearl-something accessory to go with my outfits.

Anyway, I think that the trend post-series is a great idea! :D Will definitely give us readers somewhat a slice-of-life perspective on your current tastes.

Lady Kristen said...

Lavenrose: It's good to hear that someone else likes pearls as much as I do. I am also very pleased that others like the idea of this series. I have been thinking of doing this for some time now, but I always thought that people would not be interested.

hellokitt9 said...

I have to agree pearls are just beautiful. I personally really love glass pearls from the 50's on back. I love finding old pearl necklaces at estate sales and getting them as gifts from older people I know who don't want them anymore. I think pearls are something you can wear with anything.