Sunday, August 18, 2013

My way or the highway

The cookie cutter jumperskirt designs, the same recurring color palettes, the routinely accepted outfit coordinations, and the disdain for new ideas. I no longer wanted to participate in a niche fashion that would not let me express myself to the fullest. I wanted more choices, variety, and to be myself not a clone. I find the most enjoyment from my outfits when everything is not from a preplanned matching set.

I will no longer have limited clothing choices. The only fashion I am following is my own. The only fashion rules are the ones that I make. Brand labels will no longer dictate if my ensemble is first rate. It's exhilarating and frightening to separate from the crowd. But as I said previously, after ten years it is time to move on. I feel nostalgic as I sort through my closet, but I know my future wardrobe will be even better.

My current goals are to:

❤ Work on defining my style.

I loved the lifestyle, elegance, and sweetness of lolita. I love the sophistication, femininity, and simplicity of ulzzang and some korean fashion. I love the adorable accessories and playfulness of himegyaru. I love the pastel hues of sweet gyaru. My new style choices will include a mixture of these elements. I want a life of pearls, bow accessories, rose deco nails, feminine heels, pastel clothes, and adorable eye make-up. I am no longer limiting my fashion choices to one classification label. And there will no longer be a separation between my in-style fashion and any lackadaisical fashion days.

❤ Wear clothes that fit my body, not adjusting my body to fit the clothes.

One of the major issues I experienced with lolita, is the fact that I am 9 or more inches taller than the marketed target group. I am also very plus sized. I was displeased with the limited selection of brand items that were available in my size. I refuse to using binders or slouching to make the clothes fit to my measurements. I will focus on weightloss only to become healthier and not because it will also allow a skirt to fit more comfortably.

❤ “Fashion changes, but style endures.” ― Coco Chanel

Following my own style allows me to leave all the trends and fads behind. I will only focus on the trends I truly like and be less compelled to buy into the ones that I will ignore after a few months. I will be able to fully enjoy my style without feeling a season behind everyone because of the presence or lack of a certain article or accessory. Besides I want to develop a style I will love for a very long time, if not for the rest of my life.

❤ "Never step out of the house wearing something U wouldn't want to be photographed in." ― RuPaul

Never again will I have to awkwardly try to explain my clothing choices to others. I will no longer have to worry if friends or family members feel embarrassed to be near me in public. Contemplating if a certain print or dress pattern would be too juvenile will no longer be an issue. Since there will be no distinct difference between my in and out of fashion wardrobe there should never be a moment when I am embarrassed by my clothing choices. I want to take more pictures and I think a wardrobe change will definitely make be feel more confident.

I wish everyone luck with their clothing adventures as well.

image from: Day to Be You