Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Challenge

"If you don't take the chance to live life, what can you say at the end of it?"
--Naveen Andrews
I failed last month's challenge and let reality continue to crush my dreams. Despite everything slowly getting back on track, I have yet to actually start living life again. I am just going through the motions of each day, but do not actively participate. I wake up at the designated time, go to work, smiled and node when appropriate, go home, and sleep. That is not living! I have begun to fear that straying from this path would lead to everything collapsing again. I did not set any goals for fear of disappointment. I did not attempt any new thing out of fear of failure.

It seems that every day my dreams get farther and farther away. It feel that I am no where near to achieving anything. And I am just not satisfied with the notion that one day I will accomplish my goals. I want to work toward my dream now, but I need to find the motivation first. Life has become a sad, boring routine. But I need to push myself to end the monotony.

I don't want to just survive each day, I want to flourish, grow, and prosper.

image from: Bubblenews


LavenderMintRose said...

Good luck with all of that! I hope things go well for you this month~ Just remember that every day has the potential to be amazing, and then make it so~

hellokitt9 said...

I am so sorry that your depression is eating you up like this maybe you need to get some help. I hope this month is much better for you then last month.I hope you don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams this month. Just keep tell
yourself anything the haters say does not matter and that you better then you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Can you afford to maybe drop your hours and just work part-time? That's what I did and it really helped me!