Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Yesterday a new word was added to the many that people use for my description. Booshie. I have been called a princess, preppy, and spoiled. But rarely something as bold as booshie. I actually had to look it up because I have never heard this word before.

The group did not lower their voices or try to hide that fact that I could hear them. They were just holding a normal conversation and decided to add me to the list of people too conceited to attend a party. While this makes me sound like an arrogant adolescent, it was not just a normal party. It was a "slumber"/toy party. While I have been to one of those before hosted by very good friend. I would not go to one hosted by someone I barely know. There are just certain things I do not care to know about extended acquaintances. Plus the shock and awe of attending the first was not overly impressive.

I always find it amusing how people get offended whenever others do not share the same interests as them. I would not be offended if I wanted to start a book club and certain people did not want to attend. If I happen to turn down a request, it is not because I think I am better than others. I just do not want to participate or already have other plans. As an almost 29 year old woman, I do not try to appease everyone.

Since I have ignored their snide remarks they seem validated in their opinion of me. Whatever. The woman and her group can try to chide me into lashing out, but I am not that type of people. I have other interests that I would rather focus on than their childish mind games. As you see no names or connections were mention. If she were to happen upon this entry she has nothing to be upset about. I just thought this would be an interesting diary entry.

A friend of mine said I have always been kind of stuck up and found an old picture as "proof".
This picture is from 2008! Stalking my Facebook much?

image from:Schaefer Marketing Solutions

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Challenge

"Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?"
--Friedrich Nietzsche

How is everyone doing with to their New Years goals?

I am felling very accomplished with last month's progress. So far I have completed 19 of the current 100 goals I set out for myself. Plus I already have more objectives I want to add to the list. I want to continue this productiveness all throughout 2014! I have the bad habit of slowing down and becoming bored after having accomplishing a few goals, but I am determined to keep the motivation going. Life is too short for me to do nothing with myself. I have ended my relationship with boredom and I never want to go back.

One of my next big missions is to type out all my notes and half written post ideas to create a digital database/post bank. I know that with at least a portion of the writing done I will want to finish each post. Then I will have a selections of posts to pick from if I do not have a specific topics I want to talk about one day.

My other current mission is setting up and organizing a daily planner for scheduling posts, events, and important dates. Most of my procrastination issues stem from that fact that I do not monitor how many days are left in a month. I always say that I will type out a post tomorrow or take pictures another day. Then before I notice it is time for next month's challenge. This negligence needs to stop. It is frustrating that I waste so much time doing nothing. I never look at the calendar on my phone, so I feel a planner would be a good idea.

I am keeping my eyes open for any cute, pastel, or quilted daily planners. If you happen to notice one please do share. Some ideas:

Or I might construct my only daily planner like on A Bowl Full Of Lemons.

top image from: Rabison Shumba's Official Site