Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Challenge

"Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?"
--Friedrich Nietzsche

How is everyone doing with to their New Years goals?

I am felling very accomplished with last month's progress. So far I have completed 19 of the current 100 goals I set out for myself. Plus I already have more objectives I want to add to the list. I want to continue this productiveness all throughout 2014! I have the bad habit of slowing down and becoming bored after having accomplishing a few goals, but I am determined to keep the motivation going. Life is too short for me to do nothing with myself. I have ended my relationship with boredom and I never want to go back.

One of my next big missions is to type out all my notes and half written post ideas to create a digital database/post bank. I know that with at least a portion of the writing done I will want to finish each post. Then I will have a selections of posts to pick from if I do not have a specific topics I want to talk about one day.

My other current mission is setting up and organizing a daily planner for scheduling posts, events, and important dates. Most of my procrastination issues stem from that fact that I do not monitor how many days are left in a month. I always say that I will type out a post tomorrow or take pictures another day. Then before I notice it is time for next month's challenge. This negligence needs to stop. It is frustrating that I waste so much time doing nothing. I never look at the calendar on my phone, so I feel a planner would be a good idea.

I am keeping my eyes open for any cute, pastel, or quilted daily planners. If you happen to notice one please do share. Some ideas:

Or I might construct my only daily planner like on A Bowl Full Of Lemons.

top image from: Rabison Shumba's Official Site


LavenderMintRose said...

Check out a Japanese bookstore, like Kinokuniya, for a planner. They have a lot of good ones. Also, I find that the Japanese ones tend to have more useful layouts than most American ones like you'd get in Staples or whatnot. I use a Campus brand planner that I decorated to make it cute, but the reason I got it is because the layout is similar to one I had last year, which is called Happy Make Diary. Those are expensive, though. It was an impulse buy, but I was surprised at how useful it was.

Lady Kristen said...

LavenderMintRose: Thank you! I will have to look at Kinokuniya, Campus brand, and the Happy Make Diary that you mentioned. I knew Kinokuniya sold an assortment of literature and paper goods, but never thought they might have planners.