Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pretty in blue

One of my life goals I have always wanted to accomplish is to be a break from the pink princesses. To me most cute/hime-kei/girly items and clothes are just awash in a sea of pink. And I understand that pink symbolizes femininity, purity, and romance. But I am tired of feeling obligated to buy everything in that color. While there is nothing wrong with the color pink, it is just not for me. I prefer blue. I see certain blue tints as calming, airy, free, and girly colors. Now do not misunderstand, I would never turn down a bouquet of pink roses. But nothing would be more prefect than white or blue roses.

With my departure from lolita fashion, I did not give myself much direction for future clothing purchasing. If it was cute/feminine/girly I bought it. This left me with a kaleidoscope of colors in my wardrobe. Coordinating outfits became quite a task. There were adorable pieces that did not match anything and were neglected. So I decided to clean out my wardrobe once again. My new rule has become if it is not pastel, easily coordinated, or blue I do not want it. I know there is no way to completely rid my closet of pink. But blue will be the central color. (My make up items will end up staying pink. Sadly those companies have yet to make multiple colors of their containers.)

So I thought what better way to start my blue revolution than with purses? Purses are sometimes a huge coordination point. And I hardly ever leave my house without my purse. My black guess bag is wonderful, but I want some color. So for my birthday I bought 2 new totes.

The first is a bright blue Juicy Couture tote. With spring and summer coming, I thought a bright color would a best. The second is a blueberry Guess tote. Much subtler than the Juicy bag. I foresee using this one more often. I am ecstatic to finally be working on my Pretty in Blue goals. I think one more baby blue purse would be perfect.


hellokitt9 said...

I love the very classy classic look of your new dark blue purse.

Lady Kristen said...

hellokitt9: I love that about it too. It was first of the two purses that I picked.

Cynthia Parks said...

Love the new purses!