Sunday, September 30, 2018

A purse by any other name

A lady must have the perfect accessories. One of her most important will be her purse. Purses serve both fashion and function purposes. These can tie an outfit together or destroy the aesthetic look. Purse should complement an outfit. They are supposed to either match a color scheme or add to the pop of color. I prefer to have my purses be a neutral color so that I can use the same one for multiple outfits. I find that multiple purses cause clutter or waste of closet space. I would rather have a large clothing collection than multiple purses. Out of the general styles there are only four I think best suit the princessly style:

1. Satchel 
• These bag frequently have handles and a strap. I do not like how crossbody bags slice an outfit in half so I never use straps. They come in a variety of shapes. These bag can be made of soft material or structured. I personally find bags that hold their own shape better functionally and aesthetically. Bag: Ted Baker Bowsiia Bow Satchel
2. Tote
• These bags are larger than satchels. They have longer handles for the ability to wear on the shoulder if need be. These bags can also be soft of structured. They frequently do not have a zipper or clasp. The most popular shape is rectangular. Bag: Tory Burch Robinson Tote

3. Mini Duffle 
• Originally a large luggage bag, the mini duffle bag is great for function and fashion. These have two side straps. Duffles have a structured rectangular base with a curved dome top. Bag: Michael Kors Mercer Mini Duffle

4. Clutch 
• A tiny, event bag. Clutches come in a very large variety of shapes. They are generally used for formal occasions and dates because of the minimal space. While beautiful they are not practical for every day, causal wear. Bag: L.K.Bennett Clutch

In addition to styles and colors. I find purses with bows and hearts absolutely adorable. It was very disappointing several years ago when chains became a common accent. I also prefer purses that do not have large logos. Some of my favorite brands include kate spade, tory burch, michael kors, and prada. However, I refuse to buy tacky, logo oriented designs. My one weakness is the L.K. Bennett symbol with the four hearts though.

There are of course several other purse styles. Find the ones what work for you,

image from: pixabay

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