Sunday, September 9, 2018

Starting anew

Life is a journey. When I think of life, the age old tale of a path comes to mind. The path may have a few bumps, a loose stone, or upturned root. However the path is rather stable. The forest that the path winds through is dark and chaotic.  Once in the forest it is very easy to get lost. Staying on the path is easier than getting back on it. But the path isn't always well-defined and from time to time one might lose their way. But through determination and hard work, one can find their way back. 

Until recently I was lost in the forest. I don't know exactly when I lost my way. The last four years have been rather unsteady. I had no time or motivation to participate in things I used to love. I loved to research and wear girly fashions every day. I would arrange and attend meet-ups. I exercised and studied languages. But then one day none of that mattered anymore. And before I could pick myself back up, life kept me occupied. My family moved several times.  I became a work-a-holic. I moved to a different state to be with my then fiancĂ©. He and I got married and expanded our family with two adorable little boys. Then last year, I started a new career and we bought our first house. Life has finally calmed down. And I am ready to get back to my path.

I feel like I have finally awoken from a dream. I am done with surviving day-to-day. I am pleased with my accomplishments from the last ten years, but I am ready to change my focus back to me. I am breaking the cycle of neglect and returning to the things I enjoy and love. Recipes, fashion, travel, blogging, and above all living princessly. So join me on the journey back to myself. Hopefully you will be motivated to try something new, improve a skill, or get back to your own path as well.

You only get one life. Be happy and live it to the fullest!

image from: pixabay


Pierrot said...

It's lovely to see you emerging from your period of low motivation and moving toward a brighter outlook. I am in the process of trying to do this myself at the moment; this post acted as a good kick up the backside for me to try a little harder.

Kristen P said...

@Pierrot: It is good know that I was able to motivate you. The hardest step is usually the first. Don't be discouraged. Almost everyone sinks into a rut at some time in their life. We are only human. Best luck with achieving your goals. Feel free to e-mail me if you need a motivational pep talk.