Sunday, November 25, 2018

9 End of Year To Dos

It is amazing that there is only one month left in 2018. It seems that it was September only recently. But as my family sets up our Christmas decorations and we buy new calendars, I have to accept that this year is coming to an end. 2018 was a good year. I celebrated 13 years together and 5 years of marriage with Brad. We had several family trips. I tried several delicious recipes. And I lost 37lbs.

I have such plans for 2019. My eldest son will have his first day of school. We will make more improvements to our home. And I will continue to develop my blog and Instagram. I enjoy finishing tasks and planning long term goals so l tend to start New Year's Resolutions early.

The end or beginning of a year starts people in a frenzy to better themselves. Buying gym memberships, starting diets, and creating to do lists. Below are my top end of the year To Dos.

1. Declutter
 • It can be hard to concentrate and start over new when weighed down by the clutter of old. Decluttering allows for you to start over fresh.

2. Prepare goals for next year
 • Planning long term goals allows me to work toward my future. I know what I want to accomplish next year and by when. Preparing goals ahead also saves me time trying to remember what I need to work on after completing previous goals.

3. Select holiday card/gifts
 • I love selecting our holiday card and gifts. I love showing friends and family how much I appreciate them. And I also enjoy preparing something for our neighbors, postal worker, and sanitation workers.

4. Set-up for any important appointments
 • Schedule any important meetings and doctor's appointments before you get too busy and forget. December and January are always a whirlwind for me. Between family events, holiday parties, and preparing for the holidays. Your schedule and other people's schedules are too busy to plan something last minute.

5. Complete any past year's goals
 • While preparing for next year, do not forget there is still time left in this year. Complete whatever tasks you were already working on. See if there are any last goals that could be complete before Auld Lang Syne starts playing.

6. Volunteer/do something good
 • It is always best to be charitable and kind to others. It is especially good to be charitable around this time of year. It can be difficult for some during the holidays.

7. Do something you love
 • The end and beginning of a year can be busy and chaotic. Remember to make time to do something you love. Holiday burnout is a waste of a wonderful time of year. Make time in your busy schedule to relax and pamper yourself.

8. Get rid of bad habit
 • The end of the year is an excellent time to rid yourself of old habits. it is difficult to improve oneself if one holds onto old horrible habits.

9. Re-evaluate old projects
 • And finally the end if the year is also an excellent time to re-evaluated projects that are incomplete. If you find the task not important or meaningless, it might be best to drop the project and work on something else.

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