Sunday, November 18, 2018

10 must for a princessly lifestyle

I love the princessy lifestyle. The femininity, the etiquette, and the pampering. It has been an infatuation of mine ever since 2003 when I first discovered lolita fashion. I appreciate and love myself more when following this aesthetic. I am happier and take better care of myself as well.

As a child I believed only pretty, petite girls could follow this lifestyle and I was neither. Until my freshman year in high school I was the tallest person in my grade. At graduation I was still among one of the tallest girls. I had always been a heavy set child as well. I was a tomboy because that was the style I thought I could follow.

However as I grew in confidence thanks to old and new friends, I decided to follow my dream. I was not going to let my height or weight dictate my interests. I was going to dress the way I wanted. And I was going to follow my interests. I am so much happier that I did.

Over the years I found 10 must haves to follow a princessy lifestyle.

1. Take care of skin and nails

 • Having nice skin and nails is a must. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin type and the season. Take vitamins contain vitamin A and biotin to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. Always keep your nails clean and make sure there are no chips in your nail polish. Try not to pick at your skin.

2. Prefect their smile.

 • Having a nice smile is important not only for appearance, but also for health. Visit the dentist as directed. Brush your teeth twice daily. Cut down on teeth staining beverages. Work on perfecting a smile that works well with the shape of your face.

3. Find a signature hairstyle

 • Having a signature hairstyle is stylish and a time saver. I know how I plan to wear my hair 90% of the time. And I always receive amazing compliments when I style my hair another way.

4. Learn how to speak publicly

 • One should always be confident and prepared for public speaking. Be it a meeting or an important phone call, one should always be able to speak calmly and clearly.

5. Eat healthy and exercise

 • Nothing is more important than your health. Healthy people tend to be happy and look their best. They glow and have more energy. Plus losing weight allows for greater clothing choices.

6. Read daily

 • Successful and intelligent people read daily. Not just the news or fiction. They are on a mission to learn something new daily. I love to start my mornings by studying different languages.

7. Mind your manners

 • Nothing ruins to princessly aesthetic faster than horrible manners. A meaningful please and thank you can go a long way. One should be patient and a good listener. Always be punctual and RSVP promptly. And do not make a promise you cannot keep. When someone speaks give them your full attention.

8. Be charitable

 • Almost everyone has a cause they are passionate about. Donate, provide your time, or help someone else in need. If one is able to give one should.

9. Diversify interests and hobby

 • Successful and wealthy people tend to have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. They have an expansive list of topics to discuss when meeting new people. It also allows for greater networking possibilities.

10. Take pride in appearance

 • Dress for your body shape. Get rid of old, torn, and worn out clothes. One should always dress nicely for any occasion.

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