Sunday, November 4, 2018

Keil Tree Experts

Unpaid review

It has been over a year since Brad and I bought our first house. While not ideal, I do not completely hate the purchase. I wanted a single family home in the suburbs. But due to limited house choices during the winter, we bought a townhouse at the edge of the city.

This is definitely not my dream house, but there are a few positives. The house is in a nice neighborhood. There are plenty of storage areas, bedrooms, and restrooms for my family. The house is the corner property with a sufficient amount of land. Because if it I was going to live in a townhouse I was only going to accept a corner property. We are a 20 minute drive away from work and any stores I might need. Plus we were able to purchase the house for cheap and the value has almost increased by half. The neighborhood school is not the highest ranking, but there are alternative options such private and charter schools.

All in all I do not love my house, but I like it well enough. So after unpacking and surviving our youngest's first year, we are finally ready for customizations. I have several projects planned that should hopefully increase my enthusiasm toward my home. We started with a mix of small and large projects. Corner shelves in the dining room, above door shelves in the restrooms, and tree removal.

There were two very large Ash trees in the front yard that were blighted by Emerald Ash Borer beetles. They were not pleasing to look at. No foliage on the top half of the trees, bark peeling, and falling limbs. Plus any damages caused by these dying trees would not be covered by me home owner's insurance!  They had to go. This was also the first major project that needed to be completed before the other exterior projects could be started.

I contacted several arbor companies for quotes, but decided to go with a family recommendation, Keil Tree Experts.  The company was booked out two weeks, which was understandable due to the recent rain and wind storms. I had seen several felled trees this summer. Keil Tree Experts were nice enough to schedule me for 2 days so that the crew would not have to be rushed. It turned out that my scheduled date was unfortunately right before the remanence of Hurricane Florence was due to hit Maryland. I called the morning of my appointment to see if I needed to be rescheduled. But they were already on the way. The crew worked a full 9 hours, no loitering breaks, and were able to cut down both trees in only one day. They left the wood as requested for firewood.

It feels like I bought a new house. My yard feels and looks more open. And my property looks better without the huge looming death traps. When the storm hit that weekend I did not have any worries. Now my next planned projects include repainting the exterior doors and porch, updating the carport and pathway, adding a HVAC system, and add a new fence. Eventually I would love to add a deck and a library addition. All in due time.

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