Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Recently I've done some soul searching regarding blogger. While I love sharing my thoughts and researching ideas, writing lengthy posts is my least favorite task. Spending hours researching, writing, and proofreading has impacted my family time more than I original expected. I started this blog as a single, college student. I am unable to dedicated the same love and attention to this as I once did. I would rather color with my 3 year old and snuggling my 1 year old than sit in front of a laptop furiously typing away. My family is the most important thing to me. And by the end of the day, I just want to enjoy a cup of tea and relax.

So I will not be continuing Princessly Living in this form anymore. I will continue to make short posts on Instagram. But I all closing this chapter on my life currently. Not for reasons of lacking motivation or losing my purpose like before. This time I am leaving this form of blogging because when these precious early years are gone I will never get them back. I could never forgive myself if I missed anything because I let my hobby get in the way.

Goodbye for now. Maybe one day I will return to blogger, but for now farewell.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

'Tis the season for holiday cards

I am sorry for being horribly delinquent again. This is such a busy time of year. However it's the wonderful time of year for Christmas cards! Call me old fashion, but I love sending Christmas cards to family and friends. Unfortunately in the past years with babies and moving, we have been lax with sending them out. Thankfully, this year we are in a good position to start again.

Card etiquette can be confusing and stressful. While I am not Ms. Manners, below are some of the tips I follow.

Keep a list
 • Everyone should have a correspondence list. I unfortunately lost mine, so I have to spend extra time this year collecting the information again. Our list includes family, friends, close coworkers, and anyone we have received cards from before. I also include our service workers and teachers.

Timing is everything
 • While the saying "Better late then never" can apply to many things, late holiday cards are most unfestive. I find it best to send cards 2-3 weeks before Christmas. I have even seen many etiquette guidelines say to send cards no later than the first full week in December.

 • I prefer to send old fashion mailed card. I know a lot of people have switched to electronic cards. I find this rather impersonal. I see the art of hand writing a personal message and addressing a paper card as an act of generosity. I love to receive cards that someone took time out of their day to prepare.

What to write
 • No matter the occasion, cards should always include at least a sentence or two and a signature. Your      recipients want to read what you have to say, not just what the card makers thought. I try to pick cards with a nice message, but a hand written message is also a must.

The envelope
 • Cards should be placed in the envelope facing the back. Then when the recipient opens the envelope they see the front of your card. I also like to write a small message such as Have a Very Merry Holiday or Have a Shining New Year on the inside flap. And please, no name stamps! While they may be a time saver and have a cute image. Please write your return address. They look out of place and gaudy with nice hand writing.

Naming format
 • Finally now to address and sign the cards.  When possible I prefer to address cards to the whole family. I only include individual last names if we are only acquaintance or if that is the person's preference.

The Smith Family
Dad, Mom, Children - oldest to youngest

Unmarried couples
My friend and significant other

Sending Holiday cards does not have to be stressful. Plus if you are writing cards then why not buy accessories?

A wonderful touch to letters is the traditional sealing wax. The stamps can be customized for the season, monogram, or family crest. Seal wax: Etsy
Stencils can be very useful to keep addresses and messages straight and equal size. Stencil: Amazon

And finally since you are going to writing quite a lot, why not have a beautiful and comfortable pen? I love customized pens. Fountain pen: Amazon

mage from: pexels